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What are you wearing today? (pics only)


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been in a much better mood after 2 weeks of collegiate hell. So here's a goofy pic for old times sake

Huge dome of hair

Orisue Tee

those jeans

Vans Prison Issue (i need to wear the shoes sitting on top of my closet more)


and yes my roomate has a Dave Matthews Band Poster


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W)Taps, Jacket

SVG Archives by Neighborhood, T-shirt

SDA D1293 21oz

W)Taps for Vans, Chukkas

I swear, one of these days I'll have a real background to take pictures in...

corned beef, your room is like a million times bigger than mine :( damn you northwestern!!

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kixslf- that spot looks amazing.

I'll expect a fine tuned fs flip by tmw morning. :D

haha, yeah. I wish it was more of an angle so you could actually grind it. Its just enough that you can stall. The real way to actually skate it is come through the parking lot and pop off the end on the far left side, Its fucking perfect. Car is in the way. Dork trick will ahve to do for now.

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Ayn, those Jomons look so loose, did you size up or do they fit like that?

sized down 1. they might look loose in that pic coz my legs are close together, I think that's how they fit... I have other jeans that are slim, didn't buy the Jomons because they're slim...

ayn never sizes up...

true that, lol!

today, apc, alt app, fullcount 1108, john varvatos...


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A sunny day at the Edge.



Meima Optics

Varvatos Top

Flat Head 3001

Fiorentini & Baker




Flat Head 3001


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