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  1. kauflust

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    A long yet worthwhile passage on the ode to outdoors clothing and White's logging boots from Norman Maclean's "Logging and Pimping and 'Your pal, Jim.'" It's based partly on his time as a logger. The description of the boots is amazing.
  2. kauflust

    SuFu Boyz Klub

    here for duty, boys. this new format sucks ass.
  3. kauflust

    What are you craving today?

    ramen ramen ramen
  4. cheep dude arrested for terrorism at the rnc
  5. kauflust

    help my children

  6. kauflust

    us smash france

    kid's a hobbit
  7. kauflust

    us smash france

    damn, lezak brought it in. that 4x100 free was one of the more exciting relays in a while. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/olympics/2008/08/10/phelps.usa.relay.ap/
  8. kauflust

    Superfuture passaround book

    wait, what the hell happened to this project?
  9. kauflust

    tg76's ass just QUIT

    did someone say "sideboob?"
  10. kauflust

    Sickeningly cute things thread.

  11. kauflust

    ware 2 kop azn babby?

    careful with those asian babies. i hear they eat dog.
  12. kauflust


  13. kauflust

    Anime / Manga

    currently watching kurenai and it's not too bad
  14. kauflust

    Old lesbians sucking face on CNN

    but for every ancient lesbian couple, there are five of these: hopefully