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What are you wearing today? (pics only)


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been in a much better mood after 2 weeks of collegiate hell. So here's a goofy pic for old times sake

Huge dome of hair

Orisue Tee

those jeans

Vans Prison Issue (i need to wear the shoes sitting on top of my closet more)

dude, you stack shoes exactly like how I do with my sneakers. must be an asian thing! ha

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Jeremy youre a bitch.

Get me the Skytops in a 12 you asshole. Black, White, and all the other colors.


They have the internetz in the Philippines?!?/!?!?!?!?!1

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Those gloves are fucking hot shit. I've been looking for something similar.

They look latex or patented, are they?

Nope. Just some regular old leather gloves. I've had them for like 6-8 years now, so they are incredibly soft and worn in.

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Almost spring? Atleast I can dream.

First off, today.


Kask beanie

Vintage glasses

Fuze henley

Vintage aviator jacket

Skull 5507XX

Vintage messenger

Umbro by Kim Jones

And for tonight:


Vintage glasses

Gingham shirt

Hirsch flieger


Acne Mod Dry Clean

Vintage brogues

Also, jazz hands! :dance:


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