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  1. supreme 2012 s/s

    supposedly the enzyme they used to fade the jeans caused the hand pocket linings to basically disintigrate. yikes.
  2. show me your clarks!

    those Wallabee ads are amazing, especially the Wallabee II ones, nice one Vampyrvargfesten
  3. supreme 2012 s/s

    can't believe Supreme would try and re-hash these. sad if these are real.
  4. supreme 2012 s/s

    just got the following email from Supreme: ................................................................. Mar 12 at 16:40 ................................................................. suede bomber jacket recall ................................................................. We regret to inform you that we have discovered a defect on this particular jacket and decided to remove it from our stores. You have been fully refunded for your purchase of the jacket. If you would like to cancel the rest of your order please reply to this email and let us know. Thank you for your understanding, Supreme --------------- anyone know what's up w/this? bummed! if someone wants to sell me a sz L navy hit me up.
  5. supreme 2012 s/s

    lots of sick stuff, really like the overall feel of it. suede bomber is ill. dig the lookbook as well.
  6. supreme 2012 s/s

  7. Supreme 2011 F/W

    they're not out yet
  8. Supreme 2011 F/W

    i love the spring suit they did, same cut: the fit and feel of it is great. corduroy is a cool idea for fall, tempted by the green.
  9. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Agreed, arm length is ridiculously short as well
  10. Supreme 2011 F/W

    www.supremenewyork.jp check it out, they've done another Champion coach jacket
  11. Supreme 2011 F/W

    haha wow, Theo Parrish, sick
  12. Supreme 2011 F/W

    no, they're still like a week and a half behind
  13. Supreme 2011 F/W

    yes, they're very good about this, just reply to your original order confirmation email and they'll sort it out for you.
  14. Supreme 2011 F/W

    yeah that's what i was wondering: how are they gonna handle the requests and where are they gonna pull the gear from. maybe they'll have staff hanging out downstairs doing something along those lines.
  15. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Looks amazing
  16. Supreme 2011 F/W

    enough w/the questions i want that tech outerwear report on my desk in the morning
  17. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Haha you're good man! ps where's the official ready rundown on this collection, i feel imcomplete
  18. Supreme 2011 F/W

    does it have a red tab or a black tab? if it has a red tab then it's navy, if black tab then it's black. the navy is so dark that it almost looks black, especially when compared to regular navy stuff. if they actually sent you the wrong one then they will certainly replace it for you, they're very good about that sort of thing.
  19. Supreme 2011 F/W

    i'm really impressed w/the levi's collection. suede and leather jackets look really sick. made in usa, return of the orange tab, dope.
  20. Supreme 2011 F/W

    the fit on the chinos and work pants is pretty similar and neither are really slim. The twill pants / cords and jeans are the only Supreme pants that actually fit slim.
  21. Supreme 2011 F/W

    always good to see a-ron back in the mix.
  22. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Thanks, could you please scan / upload the rest of the images from the supreme feature?
  23. Supreme 2011 F/W

    okay my impressions: the new lookbook does not help. i thought the lookbooks for the past 2 seasons w/dill were great: i liked the fitted look of the clothes on him and the pics gave me a good feel for the various items. what's the deal w/beige this season? I mean I'm all for some khaki/tan/cream/beige, but when it's the background for all 3 colorways of henley's, factory flannels and striped polo sweaters I start to ask "what's going on here". paisley hoodies / shorts are interesting but disgusting. I like the fur-hooded work parka. the oddness of the horizontal striped shirt confused me at first but then it kind've got me stoked but i wonder if it'd just look weird? liberty print is interesting / disgusting / tempting all at the same time. I still haven't worn my navy liberty that i bought last season. leopard print and checkers might as well carry a Supreme trademark at this point. two-tone pullover is fun. nice to see olive and yellow/mustard in the mix. camp caps are all luxe'd out this season. waterproof parka is cool but i'm not a fan of fishtails. blue leather down is kinda sick but for a while now i've been expecting / hoping for some non-bulky non-motorcycle'y leather jacket a la some low-key bomber or something....still hasn't happened. clint eastwood is on that mall t-shirt tip. club jacket is pretty sick but waxed fabrics somehow always seem like kind've a nightmare to me? realtree camo is sick. cords are sick. cords cords cords. also i'm a big fan of supreme jeans. treat yourself to some supreme jeans. are people still stacking? stacks are weak.
  24. Supreme 2011 F/W

    that aerial vid is dope. semi-confused by the new season, only been able to look at it once so far though...need more soak time.
  25. Supreme 2011 F/W

    where is the dang preview