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  1. What are you listening at right now

    Metavari – Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise
  2. Random Thoughts...

    i miss you, duck-frog. you are a dog and a duck and a frog. but whatever mutation you are, i want to eat you; but if i dont, i want to watch you fuck. i'll look for your super partner, maybe a tigerXfish? and then i'll watch you talk and fuck, fuck and talk. getting to know each other without any clothes on (do duck frogs and tigerXfish wear clothes?). maybe after you guys will have some zany babies. and then everyone will die lol.
  3. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

    Bon Jovi is the Truth. so is Firehouse.
  4. Blackberry Thread.

    barcode sez its not work liao
  5. Corny White Girls Appreciation

    fucking epic
  6. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    yeah singapore (!!)
  7. Studio D'artisan

    i accidentally poured boiling water on the leather patch and now, half of it has shrunk to shit. forgot to put some shea butter before the hot water.
  8. FS Visvim,Goros,Supreme, Redmoon, Levis LVC

    dibs on kiefers.
  9. Supreme 2008 F/W

    i was potty trained by 18 months.
  10. bumppppp! doctor worm is a twizzler.
  11. Best Flannel Shirts, Best Sweatshirts?

    pendleton. only.
  12. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    doctorworm looks like a twizzler.
  13. WAYWT shit talking thread

    doctorworm looks like a twizzler.