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Went to the SoWa Open Market in Boston today (farmer's market, food trucks, arts market etc).  I had been looking at natural leather belts but had held off on spending the $118 I saw in stores.  I picked up this belt from Cooper Leather who had a tent at the market.  $35 and made it to my size.  http://cooperleather.tumblr.com/




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As written on the previous page of this thread, Equus makes high quality belts out of a range of different materials at very reasonable prices. All belts are made according to your specs (e.g. length, width, buckle type and material, thread color, ...). Their Sedgwick bridle leather is stunningly beautiful, but if you want something extra heavy duty you might want to have a look at the russet Bakers of Colyton belt. Thick enough to nearly burst my LVC 47's belt loops. Again: This belt is very thick. I have no idea how many oz it weights, but I cannot imagine wearing anything thicker.


Said russet Bakers belt after approx. a month of wear:




Very heavy stitching.




The inside and edges of the of the belt start out very "furry" as they are not burnished or pretreated in any way. After a couple of wears, the marks and scarring which happened during the cow's lifetime will become visible on the inside of the belt. Beautiful leather.







The texture. And a preview of how the edges of the belt will turn out with wear.


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made a new belt last night. Made from 12 oz Wickett and Craig. this stuff is nice, not to heavy but damn sure not sure light


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Brown chromexcel I've been wearing for a year and a just-finished natural double garrison. I've been searching for a good solid brass double garrison buckle for a long time, and finally sourced some last week. I think its the same one that Master Hollows uses. Not sure I love the teardrop holes - they are either cool or gimicky, I haven't fully formed an opinion yet. Either way I'm excited about the new belt. 





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Wonder how all these Joe Hill belts have turned out by now?


Here´s mine:









(thickness compared to a 1€-coin)



I´m wearing this belt each and every day, and I´m loving it! The buckle fell of once and had to be reglued, but apart from that, everything is just perfect!

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Hello all,


I'm looking for a natural leather belt and cannot decide between either:

a ) Tanner Goods


b ) Rogue Territory


However, in regards to Rogue Territory, could anyone provide insights on the main differences between these two Rogue Territory nautral leather belts?

1) RT Hand Tacked Leather Belt

2) RT Lasso Stitch Leather Belt


I've read the descriptions but that doesn't really tell much aside from the 1oz difference in leather and the stitch detail..anyone have insights in regards to their quality or any other special aesthetic appeal of either or RGT belts?


All insights are much appreciated!

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The lasso stitch belt is made by Unlucky/Don't Mourn Organize, the main difference is that the edges on that one are beveled and nicely burnished, which is a major sign of quality in my opinion.  


The lasso belt also has a stainless steel prong, as well as a much stronger buckle attachment, but those are upgrades that you're unlikely to really *need*, but they do make for a more durable product theoretically.

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Thanks for the response hollowsleather!


Would you (and/or anyone else) happen to have an opinion of the RGT Lasso Stich Belt vs the Tanner Goods Classic Leather Belt, both in Natural color?


 The Rogues are 1.5" width while the Tanner Goods are 1.25".  1.25" are typical for dress belts, so I think the 1.5" is more suitable for casual wear with raw denim? What do you guys think?

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I feel slightly perturbed by that Coopers leather belt^^^ Firstly the combination of brass screw with what looks like Nickel Plate Roller Buckle is uncoordinated and the stapling of the leather belt loop is really discreditable. On the up side...Leather looks nice just hope you did not pay the earth for it.


I think he said it was $35

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I need opinions on which belt you guys and girls would choose to wear with indigo raw denim!


1) Corter Leather Standard Utility Belt Natural

2) Tanner Goods Standard Belt Natural

3) Tanner Goods Heritage Belt Natural


I'm leaning towards one of the Tanner Goods belts, but damn, I cannot decide, haha!

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