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WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)


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^fakkuboi already played out af; fail to see how that could be "in this winter"

if you're saving up for pyrex then you're better off steering clear of sufu. safe to say at least 95% of the members hate the fk out of that "high fashion" wuhevers.

edit: or are you an excellent troll

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Facts about Haters


Having haters is one way of knowing your constantly doing something right.

It's always good to have your name in someone else's mouth, keeps you popular.

It's not that they hate you, but rather they hate themselves or hate others who have.

The distaste a hater has for you will only grow over time if you continue to succeed, so push forward.

They seem to always posses a negative aura around them and it may rub off on you if you're around them to long


so let a hater do their job, drink haterade

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