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  1. 034936

    FS: CHEAP! Common Projects Cap Toe Mid 43

    imo you'd be crazy not to cop
  2. 034936

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Speaking about sanforized versions here if that means anything.
  3. 034936

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Anyone with experience in the 15.7 ounce or 18 ounce denim care to comment on how much waist stretching they've experienced? The word I'm getting from Blue Owl is to expect less than 1 inch in waist stretching from momos Zimbabwean cotton denim. Is it unreasonable to expect either of the 15.7 or 18 ounce denims to stretch 1 full size in the waist?
  4. 034936

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    Other than that, I think that chinese/vietnamese/malaysian food is one of the few things this city can be proud of.
  5. 034936

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    As far as retail goes, CONTRA might be worth a little look.
  6. 034936

    FS: CHEAP! Common Projects Cap Toe Mid 43

  7. 034936

    FS: CHEAP! Common Projects Cap Toe Mid 43

  8. So I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find where for the life of me. looking for lace to zipper converters for converse 1970 high tops. like these: http://www.military1st.co.uk/92014-magnum-lace-in-8-eyelet-boot-zipper-black.html anyone have any tips on where I can get them (can't even figure out good eBay search terms) or know any that would specifically fit the 1970 highs? Looking for black.
  9. 034936

    Minimal, Tech Haus, Techno & Variants

    End of year lists? Not including reissues, in no particular order: Albums: Omar-S - The Best! [FXHE] Skee Mask - Shred [ilian Tape] SW - SUED 15 Don't DJ - Musique Acephale [berceuse Heroique] Acronym - Entangled in Vines [semantica] EPs: Wata Igarashi - Mood of the Machines [bunker NYC] V/A - Tracks Vol 2 [Cititrax] Kangding Ray/Rrose - Ardent/Swallows [stroboscopic Artefacts] Voices From The Lake/Wata Igarashi - Zulu Vortex/Night [Time to Express] Will Long/DJ Sprinkles - Purple/Blue/Mint/Clay/Rust/Yellow/Ivory [Comatonse] Elmo Crumb - I'm Still Dizzy [TTT] Willow - Workshop 23 Don't DJ - Authentic Exoticism [sEXES] Dan Kye - Ease, Joy, Lightness [Rhythm Section] Ondo Fudd - Blue Dot [TTT] Lapien - Something to Show You/Something to Tell You [Mistress] Call Super - Nervous Sex Traffic [Dekmantel] Terence Fixmer - Beneath the Skin [OTON] DJ Sotofett/SVN - Current 82 (12 Mix)/Dark Plan 5 [Keys of Life] DJ Deep - Cuts Vol. 2 & 3 [Deeply Rooted] Mike Simonetti - Release Your Body to the Best [2MR] Antigone - Time Enough at Last [Token] Kobosil - RK2 [RK] Massimilliano Pagliara - Connection Lost Pt 2 [uncanny Valley] Sciahri - Behind the Line [black Opal] Nathan Melja - A.C.I. [black Opal] Amato - Les Desordre Et La Nuit [Cititrax] Most things on Mood Hut, Antinote, Ilian Tape, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Northern Electronics. Honorable mentions: Marie Davidson - Adieux Au Dancefloor [Cititrax] NGLY - Cities of Illusion [LIES]
  10. Common Projects cap toe mid From around 2012. Size 43, in good used condition. Selling because I barely wear these. Aubergine or greyish/brown suede. Colour in pictures is accurate Original insoles have been swapped out, new ones are slightly softer, but otherwise make no difference. No original box. Prefer to sell in Australia. 85AUD + Postage.
  11. 034936

    Minimal, Tech Haus, Techno & Variants

    Wow that sounds nuts. Got love for Svreca and Dozzy. I also saw Nobu recently, and he's undoubtedly one of the best. Made this mix a few days ago: https://www.mixcloud.com/skoh12/3112016/ Tracklist is on there.
  12. 034936

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

    what are these ones^?
  13. 034936

    Fragrance Thread

    Currently wearing Iris Homme by Satori: http://parfum-satori.shop-pro.jp/ Love it, but at 16000Y/50ml not 100% sure I'll cop again..