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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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are you stupid or something?  my point is that ur just some random goober that nobody really knows/gives a shit about.

why would anyone wanna hack yr account?  you of all insects.

give this guy some credit, he has posted the worst waywt ever. i don't think we've ever had worse.


this is worse than the time that haptronic wore two pairs of jeans. show me someone worse than this guy.

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trying to tell me im not one of the best dressed on this whole site is like trying to tell a blind man he can see when he cant

im so blatantly elegant,,,,,,,,, its just to blatant to ever have me second guessing....


edit: mods stay editing posts, you realise if you change one word in the post it fully kills my swag levels, man my words are well written small changes can literally fuck the whole post up

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n-word is a no-no ppl
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