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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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somebody recommend me some good shit to watch on netflix. i got acute sciatica and will be stuck in the house for at least a week. no subtitles tho, meds make me too drowsy for all that. 

Married With Children

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So I downloaded ableton and have never been more confused in my life. Do people hop into that with no experience in music software whatsoever and understand it O.O

 people go to school 4 "music production"

 now that's a lot more than using ableton, but a DAW has so many parts, and it can take a long ass time just to fully know what happens when u run a sound through x effect

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Don't be the Yngwie of Ableton, be the Thurston of Acid or whatever gets you being prolific with whatever shitty program. Most people have a shit ear for producing/composing so it doesn't even matter anyways.


i like to consider myself the sun ra of logic pro 9

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