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  1. aslittleaspossible

    Corny White Girls Appreciation

  2. aslittleaspossible

    Corny White Girls Appreciation

    rip qudich rip forum
  3. aslittleaspossible

    shit you hate

    4got sufu was politics free so my last comment on this wil l b that i am so down for philosopher kings
  4. aslittleaspossible

    shit you hate

    y do old people's votes count for anything like just die already
  5. aslittleaspossible


    thx for censoring nips
  6. aslittleaspossible

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    motnh late to the party
  7. aslittleaspossible

    SuperDepressed (support community)

    i totally agree with you mostly, but can you elaborate on why you see therapists as tertiary means? I think this is a common belief, and one that I still kind of hold. what kind of cathartic release do you get from this thread vs. seeing a therapist?
  8. aslittleaspossible

    SuperDepressed (support community)

    so i'm doing an ethnographic study for one of my classes, and was wondering if anyone would like to share their views about mental health issue stigma, and how/where do you usually talk about these things? it took myself a while to get to a therapist, who i've stopped visiting, and i barely talked about these issues even to my closest friends, esp. as a guy, even though they weren't the type to judge. i see this thread, and sites which specifically serve as a place to talk about these issues as stigma-less or, at least, less stigmatizing domains, and was wondering if you guys had any thoughts.
  9. aslittleaspossible

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    upvoted lel
  10. aslittleaspossible

    Salsa Heat

    are u just mashing some avocados up or what
  11. aslittleaspossible


    wow thanks u cured my awkwardness
  12. aslittleaspossible

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    im in for cs go if yall need a lem scrub *smfc now
  13. aslittleaspossible

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2015) OFFICIAL VERIFIED ☑

    wat is that mesh cropped top thing
  14. aslittleaspossible


    blue dream always a solid. I think my favorites are really citrusy sativas like Jack the Ripper because I vape a lot and you can get a good taste of the stuff. Never really had a favorite between sativa/indica, it was either I got what my guy had stocked, or when I had my medical card, I flip flopped and got what I didn't get last week, or w/e looked the most fire. I remember girl scout cookies blowing up 2 or so years ago, and every dispensary in the bay area had that stuff, loved the smell, not sure what's popular anymore though because I don't go to clubs anymore after I found a guy that's got a connect to a grower, <$200 for a top shelf ounce, but I don't get to pick the strains anymore, he usually gives me blue dream though. Real high CBD strains are fun too, there were like two strains I ever saw in clubs though, one of them called Harlequin. You won't find the CBD strains anywhere that doesn't have medical though.
  15. aslittleaspossible

    Post pictures from your cell phone thread...