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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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550 can buy a lotta weed

thirty minutes was all it took

finally saw a cdc in black gold hdw size s

this couple interrupted me mid way

wire, iban, adding in, etc

when it was finished i went back and it's gone


what did i just read

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usually when it's last orders i order a pint and take it out with me, drink it on the way home and 'forget' to bring the glass back, or i stash it in my jacket pocket or if a girl's with me in her handbag

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many of the same subset of people glued to the web right now catching the dribbles of the celeb leak 2014 are the same ones who cry(ied) over the nsa revelations.


i'm won't say i didn't click on bar rafaeli's link and marvel at her butthole but i find it a little uneasy. i'm sure many will blame the victims for poor passwords.


anyways, that's me off the soapbox you guys, but i felt i had to say this so i could enter heaven.

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when i'm in heaven, i hope i get to play the games that i played in this life but all on one console and i don't need an adapter for different controller, it just plays all the games on the screen and i can only msn chat with my msn friends from years ago and i hope it had a web browser too.

I knew it was a bad idea... because I'm fucking pissed... logs off DOTA 2

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