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OK. Looks like L is probably my only option anyway at this point. FWIW she has the first women's cape but is annoyed by the lack of a hood (and hers is a bit too small for me to steal).


I just put up my CP2 in the ACR sale thread to see if anyone would be interested.

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They already took stock of FW 13/14. I was told two weeks ago that an online drop was imminent. Not really confident in that happening at the moment. 


Try dropping them a line. 

I tried to contact them a few days ago but I had no luck getting a response : /

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Hi everybody.


I'm new here, but was reading this thread for a couple of years.


Got a question. Want to buy softshell hoodie for late spring/early autumn and cannot decide between J25-SS and TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie LT. Any opinions, which one is better?


Main criteria is which one is LESS hot and more breatheable. I'm a bit sweaty, and Moscow subway in the morning is like kinda sauna. And lots of pockets on LT's sleeves are not looking very nice, too outdoor/tactical looking for me, but J25 looks a little baggy.

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Simultaneously relieved / disappointed that the two items I'd be interested in (SP12TS-CH and P13-CH) are already sold out in my size.


Good time to ask this though -- opinions on P13-CH vs. P13-S? Would welcome any input from people who have one or both of these pieces.

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That didn't last long.....

Guess they were told to bump it back up


Pretty sure I read in this thread somewhere that If you're putting Acronym gear on sale, it's because you no longer have any intentions of carrying the brand. (e.g. Reedspace.) I wouldn't be surprised if someone stepped in and asked, "ummm, wtf?"


Wouldn't be the end of the world if my order gets cancelled.

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Just received SET-3 from B@TG via stylisticsspace. Would recommend their services. Rep+ for taosoace for the assist.

Will post SET-3 thoughts later.


EDIT: Well, I've had a chance to try on the SET. Just worn about the house mind, haven't worn them out yet. 


I had to buy it in small but I'm usually a medium for acrnm pants. It's a bit larger than today's smalls though, and fits somewhere between the small and medium of recent season's sizes. About an inch shorter in the leg than I would like, but it does the job. 


P8TS-X: Very nice pant, I prefer it immediately to the P11-CH (which is also quite nice). It's got a very interesting cut to it, especially the lower leg, (same as the P8TS-S). The TEC SYS grid itself is nice and malleable, makes it easy to attach items. I like the X-Fast material, nice and lightweight for summer. Breathable, soft and silent. 


3A-MF1: Harder to use than I was expecting. It's got two zips and two pockets, not just one like the 3A-MP2TS. The real trick is trying to get the fidlock anchor in the right place. I can't seem to position it on the TEC SYS grid so that it grabs on to the MF1 without hassle. Maybe you need to anchor it on a belt, rather than the grid, for optimal function? I don't think I'll use it much either way. It sticks out a lot at the back if anything is in it, and makes it very difficult to access the back pocket and the trouser itself. 


3A-WB2: It's a belt.


3A-SB: Not much to say really. It's not as useful as you might think, due to the elastic retention strap. I don't know why they didn't just go with Velcro for all of the SET bags, like they did for the SET-1 3A-SA. 

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