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    X-posting because this thread deserves some loving! Washed my old Denime 506XX about a week ago. No clue about number of washes or how much I've worn it now.
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    Samurai hat, shirt and jeans Toys Mccoy jacket Red wings
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    CSF / new Canes / ELMC (not vis) / IH belt / Viberg
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    Evo Check: SExSC02 14.50z Double Ringspun
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    Inspired by the recent revival of the duck thread! LVC, Joe McCoy, Belstaff
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    S&S gave me a nice little surprise with the: one of the Santa Fe totes that OA made for their Santa Fe opening! I believe the edges are selvedge and the fabric is unsanforized, so it'll shrink and warp a bit with a soak. Gave the jeans a warm wash, should be dry by tomorrow. It's been while since I've had a fresh pair of OA's, and I'm always reminded why I enjoy their work so much.
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    Homemade hat, Real McCoy's N1, UES indigo flannel, Freewheelers aviator trousers, Vibergs
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    As requested Samurai S0110XJ2 worn off and on for five years
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    Washed my old Denime 506XX about a week ago. No clue about number of washes or how much I've worn it now.
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    Another J65-KM fit, just because I love it and so folks can see what it looks like after a year of gentle wear.
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    The most remarkable part of that photo is he managed to get a finished pair of WH Ranch jeans.
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    Sierra designs 60/40 White ocbd by Bii Free Tcb 50s Yuks
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    A rare post by me, but i wanted to show of my Natural CXL lofgrens after a years worth of wear. Worn a lot, conditioned once a month - seen all the kilometers on my motorcycle.
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    RMC / Hillside / At Last x 2 / Lofgren
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    selling the following: brand new w/ full packs: 3a-3ts (black foil) - $900 3a-3ts (silver foil) - $900 j36-s (black, medium) - $1,550 j61-ws (medium)- $900 j64ts-s (black, medium) - $1,500 (sold) j72-ak (medium) - $900 j72-ds (white, medium) - $800 ng7-ps - $300 (sold) ng9-ps - $300 p20-s (black, small) - $950 (sold) p23a-s (black, small) - $1,300 p23a-s (raf, small) - $1,300 t-6 (yellow, large) - $100 (sold) used: ch-j3b (black, medium) - $700 (8/10 - full pack) j43-k (black, medium) - $1,000 (9/10 - full pack) j50-s (black, medium) - $700 (7/10 - full pack) s16-ws (medium) - $400 (9/10 - full pack) p10a-s (black, small) - $850 (7/10 - trousers only) p10ts-ds (black, small) - $850 (7/10 - full pack) p13-ch (black, small) - $700 (8/10 - trousers only) p15-s (black w/ olive straps, small) - $700 (8/10 - trousers only) please dm with any questions prices are exclusive of shipping/fees
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    SC40304 after a few months of wear and 5-6 washes.
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    Inhale, exhale just got some Canes in the mail... courtesy of the rabbit hole that is Yahoo Auctions! Great jeans - really pleased From OO's super helpful guide on Denimbro (*), where I'm but a lurker, these are M41001 with cloth patch, dated at c1997 I read they're based on original Levis cut between '46 and '51, most likely '47 The denim is a delightful shade and has stood up well to say they're 20+ years old The patch is nicely weathered Seller said close to unused - however there they don't look worn at all, can't spot a mark so far... result! Tagged size 36 x 36. Apparently these are one wash. Measurements straight from the bag. Waist 42cm Thigh 35cm Front rise 33cm Back rise 43cm Inside leg 86cm Hem 23 Overall spot on fit for me... possibly a tad long but nothing a healthy cuff won't cure Will give them a cold wash as they're a bit musty and see what happens (*) It seems OO's guide has disappeared - possibly storage issues - in a day and age when a slice of the 'net is junk, to lose such fine niche resources would be a travesty! Hopefully this is temporary
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    to live a thread a little up this weekend caught some good weather and went for a little walk in a suburb park (as much as I don't like the city I live in I can acknowledge that suburbs are really great) for sure lots of chinese tourists (more than 2 hours wait time to get inside palace) so better run away from them some flora is still green but mostly fall in all its glory and some wildlife
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    Didn't mean to show off the belt but it happened, t-shirt must've gotten hung up on it. OrSlow military shirt. Lady White tee. Tender belt. Ooe DB01. John Lofgren Devil's Causeway.
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    Sun Surf SS14450 ranch jacket, a.k.a. Okolehao ranch jacket, tag size 42 Hell yeah
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    REVERSE COIL is normal coil zipper installed with what is usually the inside out. WR COIL: water resistant coil aka aquaguard, that's technically reverse coil too, but the fabric outer is covered with PU protective layer. It can be both shiny or matte.
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    Freshly washed in the morning sun. Getting there, they even have slight honeycombs despite the often washing.
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    PBJ Type3 Sashiko jacket PBJ SLB-019 Truman Boots Java Waxed Flesh