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    This week. Iron Heart 526 Lod Pbj PBE-019 Viberg Rogue Territory Flat Head 3002 RW
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    Resole on Vibergs. I asked for commando soles for better grip and longer longevity.
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    Been at my parents two weeks ago to dogsit and got new hiking boots, Meaning I got to hike around the black forrest with my dog. Here are the jeans after about 2 weeks. And last week I spent 3 days hiking the "Heilbronner Weg" with a few mates from Uni. They say, it's the highest alpine hiking trail in Germany.
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    For all you Samurai fans, just did a super fun interview with Nogami-san from Samurai. Check it out! https://www.japanalogue.com/samurai-boss/ Cheers! Dave
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    Real McCoys Warehouse DD-1001XX Yuketen
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    Dropped prices on the remaining shoes
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    Took the advantage of me being in the North to go to one of the bigger cities some people outside of Germany might now...Bremen Northern Germany's version of sustainable energy : biogas and windmills The mascots of Bremen When here, drinking the local beer (it's really not so good but I was raised with it ) Went to a store called Four Aces, they have some nice brands And left with 2 t-shirts
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    Visiting my parents on the other side of Germany. Chilling, drinking wine and having a good time
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    Friday feels. Went for dinner last night at Bov here in Gothenburg. Best napolitan style pizza here in town. Devoured Today's special before I remembered to take a picture of it but here's the other two. Picked up a TCB cap to go out of this contest in complete TCB-style. And yes, a bandana from Two Ears Brand too. Lovely stuff from Ooe Yofukuten and Bandanna Almanac. Washing the jeans tomorrow. More updates after the wash! Have a nice weekend y'all.
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    Check out our rare Singer 69 machine we use to install shirt buttons. Quick video and more details of the installation on our site! https://railcarfinegoods.com/blogs/news/our-rare-singer-69
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    Full Count 1101 just shy of 10 months of everyday wear and probably as many washes. Easily the comfiest pair I've owned.
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    Flat Head Iron Heart House slippers
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    Papa Nui / IH / 3sixteen / FC / RW
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    Not your usual post but the new 3sixteen 21bsp got there first day out on the grit, started in shorts thinking they'd be too tight but cold legs and scrapped knees forced me into them, managed some flexier moves than expected. First attempt at a super classic boulder went well but not quite well enough. Random beanie I found up Snowdon Vintage Pendleton trail shirt 3sixteen 21bsp
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    Left : Sepatu Compass Right : Rafheoo Footwear
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    @vIGGiou riou It was just talking about the texture and look of the denim, not the feel when worn. The LVC denim is 12oz whereas this DB19 denim is 14oz and just more rigid. Do you plan to soak/wash them or do you want to wear them raw for a longer time? I feel this roping will get crazy
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    Fuck outta here with that price. P25 is still in stock on mothership brand new and LESS than your listed price. Seriously.
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    Okayama Denim says it's a brass buckle, so it's probably just the natural patina. This is my brass buckle. It started out uniformly shiny, and now one side is considerably duller than the other. I'd just go with it, but you may be able to polish it.
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    Mine after wash 10
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    $1,800, no lowballers.... 3A-1 XPAC retailed for $1280 btw
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    So y'all know I'm the biggest opponent to the whole relaxed tapered thing, but I've found it impossible to find a pair of black jeans so I sprung for these XX-19-BB sized up. I'm surprisingly really happy with the raw fit, they don't feel super snug at the hem. They are in the wash now so hopefully they don't shrink up way too much!