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Evisu is still loved!


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Warakia clean fit mate, very nice

1fookntitefd they only have size 32 and 35 left and only black gulls. If it was me I would get Sutocorp to buy a pair for me from the evisu.jp website so I could get handpainted gulls and any hem you needed. And evisu.jp might still have the sale going.. not sure.

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Thanks for the comments guys, the greencast really is something else and I'm starting to like it more the more wear I put into them. Think they'll get another good 2-3 months of wear before I retire them, waiting to get my other Evisu's painted this summer. 

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My No.2's are basically ruined unfortunately, was helping a friend and got battery acid all over them. Been meaning to take a photo and ask for advice on what I should do with them. Ive had them for a few years but they were go to jeans for going out so I gave them no real work wear. So since they have been demoted I decided to hot soak a pair of my No.1's as a replacement..




I have a pair of 2000's and 2001's. Was tossing up between the 2 and finally decided on the 2001's. I know they dont get much love around here but for me I just love that baggy, fuck around feel. I just dont feel comfortable in tight fits. Anyway.. apologies for shitty pics, hotsoaked them for about 40 mins. They still feel pretty stiff and I imagine have a lot of shrinkage left in them. Pre and post soak shots..










I had my cousin come down and stay with me who has 2 pairs of Evisu that he's been wearing for a few years now (greencast brownbox's, d85 0005's). They both looked great but I had no time to fuck around and take some group shots. Next time he's here I'll grab some big family shots and compare both mine (I have the exact same pairs) to his.

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Black. I bought them just as the red's were released so must have got some of the remaining stock from the old batch.

Freezie, so good 0_o

Yeh indeed, the red is supposed to be a killer for shrinkage too.

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Well I snapped a couple of photos of my damaged No.2 2000's. I took them to a local repair place in the city and gave them a bunch of my offcuts from other jeans to use as material but I dont know if the job was too big and they just cbf and was told because it was in the middle of the leg it was hard to maneuver the machine so they just put in 2 big patches covering the bulk of the burns. They werent going to charge me for it but I gave them something for their trouble. So... im not sure what to do next, might have to trawl the denim repair thread and find some homemade options as I have no sewing machine and no exp with a needle :/ I think I would prefer not to put big patches on the outside, maybe more underneath and just crisscross over the top with needle and thread.







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