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Ande Whall Denim


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Anyone know when Ande comes back from vacation? Need info on the 2009 black denim!

I'd like to know if the black jeans are a limited run or not so I know if I can buy a pair later. I realllly hope so, cause I'm only a month in on my slackers.

post up pics of your worn ande whalls please. (esp. rakers!)

I was going to say to look a few pages back, but then remembered the old thread got deleted :(

Does anyone else's pocket bags leave visible marks on their legs? My slackers are not tight by any means but the ends of the pocket bags are still slightly visible. I think I'm just going to have to cut them off.

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Two years af Ande Whall V3 - 26x34, 3 washes, 2 soaks, 6 month intervals yaddayadda. Still the darkest pair of jeans I own even with so much wear put into them.

As ever Firefox is fucking up the image levels due to the fact that it still can't handle sRGB profiles properly.


Raker ? right ?


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Hey guys how's it all going. I have been back from holiday for a while now. The new Cougar Bootcut version should be ready next week. The black denim will be 2-3 weeks away yet, still looking at denim samples and waiting for new black versions of labels/leather to get made etc.

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I've been rocking a pair of last seasons cougars. Before they were changed to a bootcut. They are a great jean, TOP quality construction. Just starting to get a decent fade after 4 months or so. Even though I don't wear them hard and they are cycled with another pair. THANKS ANDE!

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