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Bona Drag

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Great photo, great film... I was thinking the same thing during the scene when he was practicing in his backyard. "Hmm, nice jeans"... They were Lees if I recall correctly.

Agreed, his lees when he's practicing in his backyard are fucking awesome.

[e] took two really shitty screencaps from my shitty version I have.



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no dear dr he wears levis in that picture.

but he waers a lee 101j in five easy pieces, and levis pants too.

I dont doubt you're right Fardin, but I'm sure i've seen him in Lee's, maybe in The Shining? Not sure. Seen most of his movies dozens of times, used to be a Nicholson nut back in the eighties. Especially love Easy Rider and Prizzi's honour.

My fav denim movie though has to be Badlands with Martin Sheen, with Hud (Paul newman) comin' in second.

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yes maybe in shining.

he is one of that all time great!

one of my fav denim movie is giant with dean. lots of nice work shirt and lees going on, but also grapes of rath ( what an awesome movie), and so many westerns of the 30s 40s and 50s.

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