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iconic denim photos

Bona Drag

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This is quite easily one of the best photos in this thread! I like the art direction; how everyone / everything is sloped forward, even the car!

Looks like a still from a Russ Meyer film...AWESOME!!!

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Great photo, great film... I was thinking the same thing during the scene when he was practicing in his backyard. "Hmm, nice jeans"... They were Lees if I recall correctly.

I don't know if this picture is famous all around, but here's a screen cap of a still photo from Man On Wire. It's Philippe Petite planning out a guerilla wire walk.


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another of Marlon Brando


Just discovered this thread.

In the film "A Streetcar named desire", Brando wears Levis 501xx's that must be the last bucklebacks before the S501xx WW2 type was introduced, because He's wearing the '1937' type with a Laurel wreath top button. Rare to even see any pics of this model.

If ANYONE has more photos/film stills from that film, then PLEEASE post them here!!?!

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Problem is, that wardrobe didn't actually make it into the film.

Sorry, I'm talking about the pair he actually wore in the film. There is one shot where you can see a clear pic of the back of the jeans, showing the buckle-back strap. There is another film still I've seen where you can see the donut button like in the 1944's. There's a pic at the begining of Paul T's book: from cowboys to catwalks. :)

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