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iconic denim photos

Bona Drag

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Here's something that's interesting to think about;

if this was really how some of the jeans were worn those days, how come all the '45 repro's we see have a diaper ass and massive hipflare combined with waistsizes that are near impossible to size down on???

doesnt look slimmer than my 45 lees(sugarcane)


and denimdesroyedmyabilitytothink, im not posting this picture as an iconic denim photo... it is in response to the quote above it.

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"Listen you fuckers, you screwheads... here's a man who wouldn't take it anymore, who stood up against the scum, the filth, the deadheads."

Bobby DeNiro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver (1976)

guess you all are aware of this:


and the The Real McCoy Taxi Driver range:


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Nice DDML!

Another 'group' from the 80s...non-Brits may not recognise who they are but those of you who've seen Blade 2 should take a look at the lad on the right (and no, it's not Snipes in a former life...):


And they were iconic in their own way here, especially for the ripped 501s...

Get the fuck out of here , even if you are takin the piss . If you seriously consider this relevant , in fact I dont see how this is plausible , well get the fuck out of here again BIAOTCH . LOL !!!!!

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