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Samurai Jeans


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Ah, thanks for the information. Do you know where I can find measurements for the 510s? The sellers on Rakuten don't seem to list the thigh width and BiG doesn't have them.

Even though it doesn't list the model #, these are the 19 oz. 510s at BiG:


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Shit, that explains why I missed it. I used ctrl F with "510" and it didn't come up with anything because it doesn't use the number until you click the listing. Thank you.

you had a look at the measurements on the yamato S001JP's.. only comes in 15oz cotton though

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So did you get SAT510 from Take5 ?

Now I'm soaking them.Tomorrow will start to wear them beside my IS jeans :D

yeah I did get them from T5

I have already put them in my glass case for display, i'm not planning to wear them. I'm curious to see how the denim fades on this one. my GFs geisha's (it's the same denim I recall?) are nice but she doesn't wear them enough to see the true potential.

I think Take5 is the only place he could get them... ;)

Looking forward to some more pics of your pair! Hopefully your account is ready for more pics.

I will post some detail pics later, don't have access to my better camera atm

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Thanks for the info everybody. I'm definitely getting the 510, most likely 21oz. Considering 24, but that seems a little too crazy. I don't know how I'll be able to wait another few months to get these!

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That narrows things down--I just checked BiG's available sizes and they hardly have anything left. 21oz it is.

If you don't mind left hand twill, they have the 24 oz. 510s in LHT in most sizes here:


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I'll probably end up getting the jeans from BiG when the time comes because:

a) I want to be able to return/exchange them if necessary

B) I couldn't care less about arcs (though a tab would be nice)

Now all I need is a bi-fold wallet that holds its shape better than one from Leather Goods Connection, and I'll probably pull the trigger on the 21oz 510s.

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