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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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cameland has achieved grail-status. if you dont agree, feel free to -rep me, i'll take 11 red bars for these...

the thread tension on that US must be sky-high. glorious.

ehkoality, KEEP ROCKING THOSE CANES!!! they're only gonna get better. you know its true...just look @ what cameland did

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Great skulls igit!

xpost from samurai thread:

my s710bk19oz. I soaked these sept. 4 and started wearing them a little after that, so this an almost 3 months update.


If these combs don't move in an upcoming wash/soak, I think they'll turn out great:


not a very flattering angle, but shows the color and fading pretty accurately:


They will most likely get a soak or wash later this month...

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