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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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quite pointless to post it here but since i have the picture

repair i did myself on my dior, i've had them for like 1.5 year (and like 6 or 7 months of effective wear), and still want to wear them.

the rest isn't very impressive though. maybe after a second wash.


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theres just something abouth the variance of blue hues when denim is worn for long periods w/o wash. i love the contrast of the faded(yet unwashed) warp against the uncrocked warp, especially when the sun is rising and setting... trust me, i know i have a problem.

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please excuse the not so great pictures.

levi's 501XX, had them for about 2 years. soaked a few times, washed a few times. not sure what year they are, top button is stamped 554 and the tab is single sided big E. this was pretty much the 1st pair of real jeans i bought, and still one of my favorites.






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How many washes on those LVCs? those are beautiful!

X-posted from apc thread

Just found these pictures, i forgot i had them..

Apc Rescues, 13 months in these pics i believe.. not a lot going on at all for such a long time of owning them.. i didnt do much in them - i think it shows

Taken with my film camera. colors are mostly aaaaccurate.




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As long as we're on this Levi's tip, I figure I might as well post my old pair that I've recently broke out again for the winter months...Levi's Premium 519...no idea on how many months of wear, and plenty of washes...



I love the variety of blue hues...


no flash:


busted knees:


The backside is less interesting however...

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My worn in pairs so far...

Samurai 710... Not the 19oz...




Mainly around the house pants... 1 Soak around 2 years ago (havent worn em til March this year.) 1 wash last week.

Roughly 3 months of wear... If that...

Stopped wearing these...

Sugarcane Okinawas.




Stopped wearing these, so I jus toss them in the washer a bunch. Still a buttload of indigo left in em...

Iron Heart 634S




About 6 months wear? Ish? Give or take a month...

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