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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Heres my 3001s prewash pictures while in the pitas... post wash coming soon if i can get these on the thread since theyve been deleted immediately after i posted from a bug.

they're alot dirtier than they especially around the stacking area and the after wash pics will show how much dirts been hiding.



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Havent taken the time to read the rule's if I have to have a before pic I'll pull it from the WH Thread, Thesse are The WH660 Contest jeans, been in them 10 month solid give or take a week, they're going up on the wall cause there's not much left.

Here's More


I think you would have had better luck winning the contest if you had snapped the pictures at 7 or 8 months in...you really just clobbered those, and by the looks of things you washed them a lot. I am impressed to see a pair of jeans so utterly destroyed even if the result wasn't necessarily the superfuture ideal look for a faded pair of jeans...what did you do that destroyed these to this extent?

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