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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Kiya, do you know when the next production run will be for the 301s and 7301s?

301s restock is saturday, 7301s isn't for a while but SELA should have your size if you want to place a phone order.

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How long does it take for selfedge to ship me my jeans back? I dropped them off last week friday and still have not recieved them.

Hemming or repair? What store?

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Will Self Edge (online, LA, NY, etc.) carry the new 3Sixteen ST/SL-120x?

SELA and SENY both currently do.

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I posted this in another forum looking for information on unsanforized denim from the creator of the unsanforized denim I am wearing (IH634SR), because I do not believe Kiya's comments that sanforized denim is more durable than soaked, unsanforized denim.

My post here is due to Shoreman's whiny bitch-ass.

"I was just flipping through kiya's editorial rant against unsanforized denim in the Self-Edge Superfuture thread. I have no desire to join that madness, so I am posting here:

Kiya, you know what has worn out faster than my "weak" 23oz unsanforized denim? The fuck!ng chainstitch your employees put on my hem.

I could say a bunch of sh!t against his flippant claim that sanforized denim will inevitably last longer than soaked, unsanforized denim, but time will tell and the IHForum doesn't need the drama. Given the way he still mis-measures the products he sells on his webpage, I don't really care what he thinks, he's just trying to create excitement for his new stuff. But he has no authority to make claims of this magnitude based on his own manipulated opinion. There is no available information that supports his position on durability. Sanforization shrinks the fabric. Wear, weave, weight, construction quality, and age are what determine the life span, not heat+steam+big metal/rubber rollers (the sanforization process).

I would ask Haraki to graciously provide some perspective on the durability of his unsanforized denim.

Here's my own manipulated opinion: Kiya is the Paula Deen of the denim industry.

width=400 height=285http://i1210.photobu...sticks34/pd.png[/img]

Edit (For those who felt this should go in the SuFu thread): I am not a SuFu member, nor will I ever be, so if anything gets posted from me it gets posted here. And since I was asking for Haraki's specific feedback, posting here is relevant. Kiya is on this thread and so are several other Self-Edge customers, including myself and I don't care if he sees it or not. Giles sells unsanforized denim to people in America and all over the world, and so do other retailers, so when Kiya starts shitting on other peoples products in order to hype up his own, it should be noted everywhere. To have one of the figureheads of Japanese selvedge in America start relaying polluted information about products that cost hundreds of dollars is an insult to all of his customers who are trying to make the best decisions possible about their clothes. Why does nobody care about the truth?

And @ Shoreman: I don't think my remarks are anymore inflammatory than your post in the Two Feet Ahead thread saying you're not impressed with the socks that you intentionally bought too fuckin small."

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Adam, welcome to Superfuture, i hope you enjoy your short stay here.

I invite you to visit a denim mill, talk to the head of production, and have THEM tell you that any (not just denim) sanforized fabric lasts longer than loomstate fabric. I myself have visited multiple mills in Japan, and this monday i'm flying to Greensboro (North Carolina) to spend some time with the president of Cone and his production manager. You think that all this personal research is worth nothing? I didn't read all this in some book or online, i visited the mills which produce this stuff.

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any chance you'll be getting the flat head 2015 anniversary?

Nope, we decided to pass on those.

Kiya, eta for the SG zip hoodies drop?

They should be online by monday.

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so....did haraki even reply or is homeboy just wigging out?

He has not replied to anything, but i'd think he'd agree considering Iron Heart is all about longevity and all their regular jeans are made of sanforized denim. This is something that's hard to pinpoint but you put IH's 21oz Anniversary jean against the 634s and 9 times out of 10 the 634s will last longer, just look at the photos of how a denim that heavy which isn't sanforized wears in, it's absolutely beautiful the way it ages but that doesn't mean the crotch is going to give out faster.

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less talk about sanforization, more talk about the boots releasing next month.

The boots are sanforized. So are the jeans.

They'll both be available February 18th.

The jeans at all Self Edge stores and in small numbers at Leather Soul's two stores, the boots available only at Leather Soul.

LS has been taking pre-orders for the boots starting last week, i think they're close to sold out of a size or two. I would email them to reserve a pair if you really want em.

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