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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIHXINDO16 - Forever Two Wheels

The new SEXIHXINDO16 jean is a collaboration between Self Edge and Iron Heart with a nod to our Indonesian clients. There is a strong denim and vintage loving community in Indonesia and we wanted to make a jean for them with one of their favorite brands. Everything from the fabric to the fit to the leather patch was made with the Indonesia community in mind.

We're proud to have a reach that far around the world and this is our way of recognizing their dedication to vintage style American garments.

The fabric is a heavyweight unsanforized denim which is exclusive to Self Edge and was developed for us for the SEXIH07 jean. It was the first time Iron Heart had done an unsanforized denim, it ages with extreme contrast and great character that rivals the best Japanese denim available today. With a silhouette that we designed to fit every body type we've decided to do these in a wide range of sizes due to it's extremely versatile fit.


Check the online store for a full spec list, measurements, shrinking info, and more:










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When's the next restock for BR Loopwheeled Sweatshirts?

October 1st. Keep in mind they've changed the fabric (they say they improved it) and the fit is a little different. They no longer produce the ones they were making for years.

I remember reading a post from kiya stating that SE will have some BR stock up for grabs as of October 1st. I'm hoping sweaters are included.

Yup, loopwheeled crewnecks, BR pea coats, and BRxWG black skull caps.

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Those sweats are perfect as they are. If they remain the vintage fit (and why wont they given BR's take on things?), be interesting to see the new fit. Hopefully still short in the body as its meant to be.

I actually haven't seen them in person, it was an addition to the F/W collection so it wasn't shown at the shows i went to in the spring.

Supposedly they're "improved" and "softer". We'll see about that.. they show up next week.

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Will be in LA and SF at the end of November so will, just for a change, be able to actually try one on for size rather than attempting to make sense of BR's wild sizing on every single range it offers.

I doubt we'll have any left by the end of November. They only allocate a certain number per store, hence why we sell out so quickly.

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hey guys,

A long time ago, Kiya shared the link to the shop he sourced the fabric for Mr. Lucky inner lining.

Could someone remind me that ? Thank you

It was deadstock Liberty of London fabric from the 60's/70's.


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I assume there won't be any restock of the IHSH-27BK since the fabric is gone (if a L magically appears, let me know!), but any chance of an IHSH-45BK?

What are those? We don't use IH's numbering system as we find it's too confusing and harder for our customers to remember numbers than names.

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Nope, no restocks of that shirt, sorry.

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Sorry if this was already asked, is there going to be a shipment of the Iron Heart Melton Wool shirt?

Yup, we'll have em in November.

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Why does Buzz Rickson limit the amount of items you get? Wouldn't they want you to sell a ton of their product rather than you sell out of it in 2 weeks and lose out on many more sales?

Just curious. I'm hoping to get a black sweat.

They don't limit everything, just things they can't make enough of.

Loopwheeled fabric is made VERY slowly, far slower than even denim made on a shuttle loom. There's only so much of the fabric that can be produced in one year and brands have to basically "rent" time on the machine at the factories months in advance and try and produce as much fabric as possible.

Flat Head is the only company out there that actually owns their own machines, hence why they're able to produce thousands of their t-shirts a year.

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SE05BSP restock?

I would check SENY or SELA with a phone order.

Otherwise the online store is getting a tiny restock on October 4th.

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Will it be the same price as before or will it be different?

The new ones are $195.

Any additional info or pics of the BRxWG black skull caps?

They'll be in our online store with photos by the end of the week.

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Kiya I think you guys should do another run of the brown duck CPO.


It's a long story why we don't do those any more.. also, the fabric is long gone.

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