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  1. Sugar Cane Denim

    Waiting on those measurements! I love my SE/SC Summer Edition jeans, maybe these 16oz will be my next pair...
  2. Sugar Cane Denim

    Already expired...
  3. Sugar Cane Denim

    Anyone else catch the IG story from Young (of SE) showing the heavyweight Okis Self Edge is doing? The model is OKBSP. He said they are a tapered fit and should be online in a week or two.
  4. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I emailed him. Fingers crossed. That aside, I have to say I've had multiple email conversations with Roy and he is a really open and friendly guy. Always answered by questions and was happy to share info.
  5. Sugar Cane Denim

    Does anyone know if the 2009(1947 Type2) or 2014(1947 Type 3) models ever came in the 14oz denim found in the 1947 model?
  6. Sugar Cane Denim

    Any idea where the 509SE naming comes from? I get the "SE" is for Self Edge but I'm unaware of any SC fit utilizing the 509 number. I have a pair as well and they are slowly starting to show their colors. Not as developed as yours though...
  7. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Hoping for a medium rise this time around. The Peanut jeans were just too tall for me...
  8. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    I found a pair of shorts that measured similar and figured I could make them work so I already pulled the trigger. Thanks!
  9. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Any give in the waistband of these? Would the stretch similar to denim?
  10. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Oh well. Maybe someone will have sized wrong and will want to let a 36 go...
  11. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Did these things sell out already? Was 9:00am PST or 10:00am?
  12. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I actually emailed Roy in regards to fitting. I'm stuck between sizes (all my jeans are 37" in the waist) and we discussed if the 38 could shrink down enough or if I should go with the 36 and just brace the waist during a cold soak. His recommendation was to buy a pair that fit perfectly presoak as long as your ok with just a cold soak and possibly bracing the waist. I generally don't wash my jeans a lot since they're usually only worn on weekends and when I do its usually by hand in cold water. I'm not sure that exactly answers the fit questions but I just thought I could share what Roy recommended. Like he says: "Jeans are essentially an ill-fitting garment by design".
  13. Roy. (expurgated edition)

  14. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Thats what I had read, I'm hoping these are the same fit. I wish the measurements were still online.
  15. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Any guesses as to the type of fit the new jeans may be? Rumors? Speculation?