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  1. My GF has a pair of FH Balders that she doesn't wear. They are a size 31 that have been cold soaked and worn maybe twice. If anyone is interested in them I'm sure she would let them go at a cheap price. I can get measurements if interested, just PM me.
  2. Right there with you. Saw lots of people wearing the 47's, went and tried on a pair, and was all WTF? Seems the 2014 is a better fit for me.
  3. Just reach out to Taylor at Rail Car directly. She really knows their line and measurements and will def guide you to the right fit. They're also very keen on making sure the fit is right (exchanges have never been an issue for me).
  4. I'd be open so some oxfords as well, doesn't need to be a slip-on. Just looking for a grey, maybe black... Thanks, I'll look and see what i out there. I wish boots felt comfortable but for some reason my heel always is uncomfortable in boots. I've tried multiple brands with no success.
  5. Do you have a specific model? I don't remember seeing anything from RW similar?
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations for a boot similar to the Santa Rosa Fillmore? Looking for something in grey, suede preferred. Basically something to wear at work (business casual) and out and about with jeans. Not looking for true, over the ankle boots, as they never feel quite comfortable. Boot in question:
  7. May not be the collab, but its something... https://www.instagram.com/p/BM8PWyjhWbP/
  8. I have some old SExSC06 in a size 36 that are well worn but still wearable if you're interested. I'd be happy to pass them along for a couple bucks plus shipping.
  9. How skinny? Hinoya still has a 32w available: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/hinoya/item/sc41485/
  10. I purchased a pair from Hinoya and it was super easy and they're fast to ship as well.
  11. If any bigger guys are looking to step into some Stevenson Coveralls I'm selling my 714 Valencias' in size 36: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/160476-fs-strike-gold-5109-stevenson-overall-714-valencia-size-36/