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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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someone has to neg all the dumb crap that rolls along on sufu/laugh at other users; SS does it well.

SS does good job being the neg poster boy/symbol yah but ppl who just neg randomly are doing the equivalent of slapping u in the face and running away lol.  

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do cropped pants + full length socks look whack? just bought some cropped lad trousers and wondering how doable it is to wear these without scrunched down socks / ankle socks / no socks. 

i do cropped pants + super long slouched socks for canklecore post-humanist distension.

c.f. rick island


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no, sock garters are the nadir of human sartorial achievement. there is nothing we have done that is whacker.

what you need to do is embrace the slouch


that would work if i was a 15yr old japanese schoolgirl - unfortunately, i am 26yr old english/australian male with incredibly hairy and pale legs.

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