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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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^Too true.


Ordered something again and today at 9AM I made sure to get up and post a sticky at my mailbox with my sig. Lo and behold, they left the package at my front door.


Last time the USPS did not even ring the doorbell but dropped the slip on the floor and left. Bastards! Had to wait till Monday before work to go pick it up :fu:

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Could someone tell me what's up with this sticker? Pretty sure it's called a merryburger or something like that. I got it in a package a few months ago when I bought off someone in the supermarket (I forgot who it was but thanks for it!). I saw a couple people w/ it on their phones in the waywtd so i'm pretty sure it's some sufu inside joke. 



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Did you ask that person if he/she is hot?

Ups, usps, dhl, fedex--ups is the worst but a lot of merchants I buy from will only use ups ):<

As for the burger, it's the beef


No, but today I asked if there was any spaghetti left.

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helping bring takeout chinese food to an office seminar then spilling all the sauce on my trousers and shoes


happened 2x now. it is so infuriating. and no one else helps out. my right leg and shoe was literally trenched. 


was seriously pissed and am still annoyed... I try not to dress like a slob but my shit gets shit on, anyways :fu: 

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my manager sent me and a colleague to go get coffee and bagels for forty people and he ditched me because the CEO was rumored to be making an appearance and so I went by myself

luckily my manager is cheap so the bagels were just about two dozen (he says to cut in half) but the coffee in those recyclable containers were heavy as hell

as I was leaving the cafe a stranger saw me and insisted helping me carry it back to the office without even asking where it was, if it was out of his way

taught me to be more aware of surrounding so next time someone needs a hand, a seat or whatever I would help

makes the world go around

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do you talk like this in person

"No man should talk worse than he writes, no man should write better than he should talk"


But I don't really think about how saying things when I'm speaking in person or even off the cuff on the internet like on skype or facebook. I think it's pretty much the same in real life and on here

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^I didn't spill it like a clutz 


The damn tin containers leaked sauce. It was something like 9 containers stacked on top of each other with only the tinfoil covering the top to keep the food warm. ffs 







lol @ co-workers and me sitting alone in a fit of rage while dabbing out the sauce. i sat fuming for a good 25 minutes before someone told me to grab some dinner.  

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