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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Honestly, whatever you're looking for can be found through blogs, rutracker and soulseek, there's no need to bother with What.CD. I never use my account. Seedbox seems useful for Karragarra/Pass the Popcorn though.

not entirely true - what.cd has lots of shit you can't find anywhere other than in some shitty bitrate. it probably has the best ripping community on the web.

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Really? I've never found anything so obscure it wasn't on soulseek on a decent bitrate (other than stuff so rare it wasn't anywhere, in that case I normally message people on discogs or rateyourmusic who own/ have rated it for a copy). I'll take your word for it though.

Admittedly, what.cd is good for magazines, it's where I go to download digital copies of the Wire

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i went to a party the other night (something i v. rarely do, maybe once a year) and overheard someone say 'jake is the most pensive person i've ever met in my life'. i'm not sure if i should take that as a compliment or an insult...probably an insult.


really depends on who said it and how they said it, i think. doesn't sound like a particularly insulting thing to say, but if you dislike that  quality about yourself then i guess it's an insult...?

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