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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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one time i received a crappy grade on the final paper of the course (with a lot of weight), i took it back to the professor. politely asked him how i could improve it and for a regrade. he said yes. got an A. 

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sufu is place for orthogonal music discovery:

i'd like to thank: 

djraijo for canblaster

sschauden for dj screw

edn0b for underground resistance


really cool coming across stuff i would've passed over/never heard of.

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Anybody got a what.cd invite? got a seedbox, curious to see how good what.cd is..

Honestly, whatever you're looking for can be found through blogs, rutracker and soulseek, there's no need to bother with What.CD. I never use my account. Seedbox seems useful for Karragarra/Pass the Popcorn though.

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you ever go back in history and look at the posts you made on the internet years and years ago? you were dumber then. more of a jerk. you're an embarrassment to the future yourself.


i'll never know if i'm getting better either because when i look at the posts i made a week ago i'm instilled with the same feelings of regret.


the only thing that keeps me going is a train of posirep

+++rep. But for me it extends to real life too. Good thing the spoken word isn't as accounted for.

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