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i feel like the haven brand is supposed to fill the void left when wings + horns started becoming boring as hell. It's basically pre-2016 w+h meets diet acronym. 

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Is the quality of their clothes worth their price point? I’m looking at their new liner for FW20 but for $450? I can grab a AV Mionn at the price point which I know I’ll be extremely satisfied with. I just want a decent liner to layer with.

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Posted (edited)

curious about haven's quality as well. i think they're heavily influenced by the japanese brands they carry, most notably neighborhood & wtaps, as seen in their styling and also the location of their manufacturing. their prices are wack however and if they ever go on sale in other retailers such as End i might try getting a few items and ill report back.

btw, which items are you interested in @noobedloser?

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