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just received my ch-j3b in petrol, my first acr jacket in the right size! (first was my too-tight ss-j25 i am trading now)

and it is awesome...thinking to get the black version but it wouldn't be rational ;)


just wonder if it can make sense to use th ch-j3b as a middle layer/insulator and add a shell like the gt-j34 on top of it...someone already try something like that?

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Don't forget - those of you outside the EU get 19% off I believe.

(ok so you may get taxed once insude your territory by your gov- but in the same way WE inside get taxed/duties when buying from from USA ! - 'tis the way of the world ! )

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You can select price in EUR... some pieces show up nearly 100 Eur cheaper.



Hanon: (£615.00) (€ 753.58)

Firmament: 880,00 EUR

Acronym store: 841,00 EUR


But Hanon didn't stock small, or it hasn't shown up.

Check again - Hanon have adjusted their pricing !

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Phoned hanon. My scottish isn't the best, but I could just make out that they'll honour the original price. 

So relieved, thought they were going to cancel the order, resulting in me probably missing out on the 1 large they had.


Want the j34 as well so bad..


Firmament prices are jokes.

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Can anyone advise on the ss-j25 fabric

Looks different than last winter j25

On end clothing it states and looks like dry skin


in fact, it seems that the ss-j25 is not exactly the j25-ss (watch zip, etc) ; not sure it is dryskin, but if it is it may explains the price drop 790 -> 620

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FW1314 J25 should be 3XDry WB-400.

FW1213 J25 was 3XDry WB-400 + Energear (that made it more expensive).

The FW1314 version also has L+R holster pocket and watch zip on sleeve. Also looks more black than blueish black of the fw1213 version.

End's discription is wrong, but that isn't the first time...

Edited by shadows
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