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My fave ACR jacket in MANY a season - we want more of this, and the price rage should represent the up cycled nature too surely.


Out of interest, what was/is the bounty on it's head.


that is a killer garment, that looks backward & forwards at the same time.


welcome to now, I want in.


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One for the UK guys - I went down to Peggs & Sons in Brighton on Saturday and they're carrying selected pieces from the new season in store. Price wise, they're sat between Hanon and End but obviously you'd save the postage and you get to try everything on. They had the J1A, J43, J39, P16-S and the S6-C in stock (and the neck gaiter). The staff were extremely helpful and Ian, they guy that I spent most of my time talking to, was very passionate and enthusiastic about carrying Acronym and being the only shop in the UK that carried stock in store. They also carry SISP and Veilance, amongst other brands and for a relatively small store, had a pretty comprehensive stock. Considering you can't get a lot of stuff like this in London (which is quite shocking really), I'd highly recommend a trip down there, plus you get a day out in Brighton, which is never a bad thing.


So onto the ACR pieces i tried on. I was on the fence about the P16's until I actually tried them on. Having not copped the P14s, I was interested to see how the high waist would fit on me. They're definitely a touch tighter on the waist than the P10/P9 style in the same size and had a lower drop on the crotch but i really liked them being tight on the hem and loose on the thigh. The new Stotz gabardine is lovely as well. I was after something to replace some cargos so ended up ordering the P16A-S off the ACR site as Peggs didn't stock them, or I would have bought them on the spot.


The Loro Piana wool on the J1A is indeed a beautiful material but as mentioned on here, if you're not buying it purely for the colour, there are stronger jackets out there now and my go to wet weather and layering piece is still my J28-GT. Not much more to say about a J1A, you've heard it all before.


The J43 was really nice and if I didn't have any other GTs, it would be a nice first piece. The short length looked fine on me and as someone else mentioned, it allows you to sit down without the funnel neck riding up, or without you needing to unzip from the bottom. The storm hood was really nice and protective but did obscure your FoV. Guess you can't have everything.


The J39 is a real shame for me. I'm actually after a new trench coat for work and if it didn't have that pocket on the front, I would have copped. It looks like the perfect trench from behind but from the front it just looks confused. I would have infinitely preferred a crazy pocket array in the hand warmer position over one in the middle of the chest. Horses for courses of course, but not one for me at all.


I didn't bother trying the S6-C as I copped the Bugnoli crew from last season so can't comment on fit.



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Popped into Darkside yesterday to see the new collection. The J1A is pretty sweet. The hood on the J43 sticks up too high when it's not in use IMO; I don't mind a high neck to a jacket and adore the cut of my J22, but this felt a little odd to me. The J41 was my least favorite; it feels like it won't breathe at all - more like wearing a drysuit or something, and the rear zip looks neat but in practice would just be a pain in the arse I think.

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Anyone able to confirm this is a GT-J9 Acronym from 06/07? 



Apologies if this was already asked/answered...I thought I saw it floating around but couldn't find it.

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Just a bit of feedback on the P16s after wearing them for nearly a week.


I picked up the P16A-S as a replacement for my cargo pants. The pockets are pretty clever, if not slightly overkill, although I've always said you can never have enough pockets. You essentially have 3 pockets layered on top of each other, with an iPhone pocket tucked inside the left side middle layer. The main hand pockets also have a kind of n shape to them so coins/keys/etc naturally separate from bigger items like your wallet. Simple but clever stuff. The 2 pockets on top slope to the back of the leg, again making small items easy to get hold of. I'm not sure I'd ever use all the pockets at the same time as I've already started losing stuff in the pants and having to go through 8 pockets to find your keys becomes quite tedious.


The thigh is quite wide and the hem is pretty tight, making them ideal for showing off your sneakers or tucking into boots and the reinforced hem rolls up quite nicely as well if you want to bust out the cropped look like in the Haven lookbook, which actually looks quite good imho. The high waist may have something to do with the improved articulation and freedom of movement but means that they're a bit tighter than the P10 style lower waist. The P10 in large fits me easily with a little room and i prefer to wear them with a belt, whereas the P16 is a perfect fit. If the P10s fitted me perfectly, i think the P16s may have been a bit small in the same size.


Someone else mentioned recently about either the P16s or P14s how they just feel slightly different to other pants and I absolutely agree. It's actually quite hard to describe but they just seem to move with you better than any other pant I've ever worn. If I walk up a flight of stairs, the resistance of the pant to your movement is noticeably less than other trousers, and it actually feels quite strange at first if you're cognizant of it. You notice it considerably more when you switch to another pair of pants as well, the same freedom of movement is just not quite there.


Overall, I'd highly recommend the P16 or P16A, I've certainly got no regrets about replacing my old cargos with the P16A-S.

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Do any of you fine fellows have any experience with the 3a-mts5 (harddrive pouch) and the new iphone6 (or similar size)??? not 6+... Just to clarify


The dimensions make me think it should fit reasonably well, but just wondered if anybody else was thinking of using one for their phones, with or without a case.


I've been keeping my iphone 4s attached to my bag with a mp2ts and don't think my incoming iphone6 is going to squeeze into it. I'd like to use another acr pouch just for continuitys sake. I was going to get a mk1 pouch but the last xpac disappeared a few weeks ago :)



EDIT: current setup, just for fun ;)


5TSR with a stacked mp2ts and mts4 for reaching real quick. 



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What's the pouch on the right? I've been looking for a pouch with a larger field of Velcro to add some patches :)


*I'm actually using the admin pouch.. But they're out of stock.

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