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    After a successful no-buy 2022 I just copped this 30s 213 repro. The stars aligned as I’ve been after a 213 repro for some time and this released in Jan
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    I know buying out of season is sinful, but we’re all flying our jeans in from the other side of the world…
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    you sound like the kind of guy who......needs to get the battery replaced. : )
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    Really excited about these jeans for some reason, maybe because they remind me of the old days when everything was new and unknown. This will be my next pair to break in starting late summer
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    Jacket by @workandwar on IG/Leftfield pocket t/Pigeontree belt/TCB black 50s/Brother bridge Tokyo
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    FW Army civilian shirt FW 601b Nicks boots
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    Freewheelers 516XX / 601XXC / Trailblazer / Viberg
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    I don't have anything as impressive as the jackets that have been posted recently, but I do have some recent photos of my 37s. I got these back in fall of 2017 and have worn them off and on since then. I lost a lot of weight during that time and have shrunk them down to only being slightly too big. In fact, they went from a 31" Inseam raw now to a 27" Inseam, hence the tiny cuffs.
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    A mate of mine who's a carpenter and builder mentioned he found some jeans in a loft he was working on. They didn't belong to the householder, who didn't want an old pair of jeans, so my mate took the home, realised they were too small and left them in a cupboard until he met me next. What's really cool about them is that they appear to be one wash; wear and whiskers just coming in. The leather-like 2-horse tag is perfect, too. These must date from 1966 or 67; they're the typical small back pockets, with the V stitch by the front button, shallow arcuates (although nowhere near as shallow as the LVC version), lovely lemon yellow stitching. They're 502 0117, a zip fly. This was a short-lived code, I think, as 502 used to signify the smaller sizes of the button fly 501, but I think this model is pretty popular in Japan, as these were the first pair ever reissued by Levi's there, before the days of LVC. A few photos follow. The last one is of the 1966 502 against the 1947 501 LVC. I'd say the denim is almost identical, considering the 1947 has had one more wash. Edit, Wednesday pm: sadly, as these are just too tight for me, they're up for sale. Half price postage or $10 off for SuFu regulars... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150244833735
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    Renamed jackets also so weak imo. Real downgrade. J46 still >>>>> j99, 103, etc. Same for the 86, it's like a jacket from the riot division.
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    WTT Your J86-GTB Size Small I got these for trade, NOT FOR SALE. CP2-SS (Latest Ver.) Size M NG4-PS (Racagni Ver.) Acr x Sacai Cropped J1 in Sage Colorway Size 2 Holler if ur looking for something else outside this list too
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    My order from speedway arrived today! The construction on the Lumber Jack Trousers is incredible. I love the double layer seat with the pockets sewn in between. Corduroy is hot right now, seems like every brand dropped corduroy something this season. These trousers, to me, are the most interesting with a very different fit and a wide wale heavy fabric. The fabric on the skid row shirt has a ton of character and the buttons… just lovely.
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    Might also pop your head into Blackhorse Lane Ateliers? One in Walthamstow and another in Coal Drops Yard (King's Cross). Claim to be London made.
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    Here are mine! Keeping them raw for a bit and will wash them later after I wear the FW 37 and LB jeans a bit more. Overall I'm impressed with the denim and finishing. The stitching isn't particularly wonky as one would expect with a war-era pair, but that doesn't bother me. Also love the text on the patch / flasher. I went with the craft version (rusted hardware) but chose some that were not super rusty off the bat.
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    Sonofastag Rivet & Hide Clutch Café American Classics Real McCoys? Levi’s Haus (Gt Marlborough St)
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    Andersen-Andersen cap -- Buzz Rickson jacket -- Samurai jeans sweatshirt -- Samurai jeans -- Viberg
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    Perhaps THE item that got me interested in "historical" Japan repro was this jacket. I have been looking for one ever since. My second hand grail for many years. The bullshipper 10th anni 2001
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    We’re currently working our way through 1980’s cinema classics... Nancy!!! ... next week, The Fly
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    Warehouse 800. 23 months. Just came out of the wash again. I lost count of the number of washes at this point and I’m starting to think about my next pair. Probably going to be flathead or samurai. Can someone make a recommend something that fits similar to the 800? I love this cut.
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    Thank you to my brother @Duke Mantee! Painted Desert Old faded 1943 601xx
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    Apologies for the double post got a little dirty so I decided to throw these things in the wash. followed up with a hot dry. is this how I can achieve an @aho pair of Ooe's? pre-wash post-wash fresh out the dryer
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    Anyone familiar with old M series Buzz Rickson stuff? Just picked up this faded B-15D, in decent shape considering the age. I quite like the look, very different from any other jackets I own. Knits are a bit beat so I might get them replaced at some point but it is wearable as is. Product number is M11045, can't find much info on it even searching in Japanese. Any idea how old this actually is? Apparently the color processing is called ナイトロフェードモデル (nitro fade model).

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