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    Good Wear B-6 jacket, SDA shirt, FW M-1941 West Point fabric pants, Paraboots…
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    Took this yesterday, relevant today... only really to show the colour difference between 506XX 1927 Lot #2011020 (front, worn much more) v S516XX early 1946 Lot #2131006
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    We took a trip up to San Francisco/Oakland to see some friends. Man, I miss living up there. Buzz Rickson Watch Cap Merz b Schwanen sweatshirt Sugar Cane Awa-Shoai Type I Samurai Baker Visvim Skagway Kids got on a vintage Levis type III and Nippers jeans.
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    Sun Surf // MF Skivvy // Sugarcane M41400E // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Great page. we took advantage of the extra hour today, headed out for sun rise and coffee papa nui, RMC, cathartic, Dawson, vans
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    Freewheelers 506xx Mccoys hoody Warehouse 25th 1950's Jordan ajko
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    Columbia knit / TCB20 / Pendleton sweater / Buzz Chinos / Excelsior
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    Howdy y'all, I'm back from the wedding rush! I'll get some photos of the day once we get them back from the photographer, but everything was amazing. Technically this one is from last night, but it'll do. FW Field Cruiser jacket. FW Cannabis Runoff tee. FW S601XX. Yuketen.
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    Given the amount of horse’s arses in that place I’m surprised the leather is still so expensive
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    Tender jacket & sweater, IH pants
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    Price drop $950 shipped buy the damn pants Sold
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    WTS All brand new J96-GT / Small / Black - £685 J97-M / Large / Black - £275 P39-M / Medium / Coyote - £235
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    I have had this TOJ DR jacket for 10 years. Worn a lot. Received it just as the whole TOJ controversy started to blow up.
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    Here's a loud one for ya! Old cap RMC blanket lined. Still stiff as hell. FW Painted Desert OBBI Good Hollows wayward sister MF Topsiders Oak street
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    My vote is for original. Two reasons. 1) I like the way the double arcuates look. 2) they are not Levi’s, so why try to make them appear so? and reason three, because I struggle with counting- 3)the double arcs signify warehouse, which in my opinion is worthy of displaying to those audacious enough to check out my backside.
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    A week or so in these 1901s
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    What brands of deck sneakers / shoes are you guys wearing? I've been seeking out a pair from Butcher Products, but they're sold out of my size in the color that I'm after (black upper / white sole). I've tried out Doek and the largest size available are too small for my feet. I've thought about trying Asahi, but I worry the size 11 will be too small as well. Maybe someone in Switzerland can proxy a pair in size 12 for me from VMC?
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    I am either on a lucky streak or it's just way easier to pick up "vintage" Denime stuff than I thought it would. Collection nearly completed, Orizzonti era pair of 66. I already said to Ryan, the fun(ny) thing with these Orizzonti era models I recently grabbed, they come with this organic feel of a rushed production, just like vintage Levi's. And I don't have to pay Konaka-san prices for it So not these perfectly sewn jeans we are used to from many Japanese brands over the years. And somehow I really like it (I am sure, 10 years ago or so I would have been pretty upset to get those flaws).

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