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    troy O’Shea hat stevenson anorak sugar cane 1947 rick Owens boat shoes
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    Gardening day: TCB hat, Warehouse shirt, SDA overalls….
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    These came a few days ago, just in time for summer. Light fabric but full of character. Quite curious to see how they’ll age since I couldn’t find an example online.
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    Blluemade / Union Special / Hollows / TCB / Russell
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    … and the last one for @srudy this one is sexy as f-ck, black strap, inlays and jewels with brass - the strap was hot stuffed to get that antique look, and the design was the one used for Adam Goldberg but it has a completely different look and feel
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    The spec sheet that comes with the LA10-DS references tension zip closures and sleeve pockets(?). Simple mistake or beta version that was simplified? Would have been nice to have a zip somewhere so items are more secure when slung, but the pockets are fantastically spacious. Also – technically there's no internal pockets, but the pocket bags are sewn to the hem, so you can use them as massive pouch pockets. Also Also – Duties on these into the US were more difficult to change than any other item in recent memory, but I was able to successfully change it from 25.9% to 7.1% by convincing them it was actually a shirt jacket with code 6201.40.4500.
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    Just got this in the mail Wednesday. The leather is incredible, the color is absolutely stunning especially when u see it in the sunlight. The eco HH has to be one of the stiffest leathers I’ve handled new. Although a couples days on the bike and it’s starting to take shape. Here’s a couple pics, I’ll try to get some better ones soon.
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    My @Duke Mantee belt in situ
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    Between my P10s, P9s and P14's i've also handled all ACR pant textiles except for epic cotton. DS: overall winner as far as balance/daily usefulness goes. Good water resistance and dry time, excellent stretch, good next to skin comfort, good stacking/drape, excellent colorfastness, good breathability. CH: overall winner as far as style/comfort goes. Great next to skin comfort, great breathability, luxurious textile, decent drape, excellent colorfastness but essentially no weather protection. E: overall winner for weather performance. Good water repellence, great dry time, decent breathability, excellent drape/stacking. CH-melange: surprisingly good dry time but moderate water resistance, good stacking and drape, good stretch and next to skin comfort, the most "unique" looking of the textiles. Good colorfastness. S: dogshit.
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    Thanks @sven; this new pair I got from the 40s contest. I’m really grateful for this new pair but want to really get my current jeans past the point of utility before switching over, they have a good amount of life left in them and i want to pay my respects as long as they’ve still got it in em. Looking forward to seeing what you think of yours when you get them!
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    WTS P38-DS Black Medium 9.5/10 $GONE P31A-DS RAF Small 8.5/10 $550 Price not included shipping. All full pack. CONUS Only
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    There’s also wayyyy more product per item available than in years past.
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    Damn, compare releases today to a few years ago. The J47TS-GT release I remember having to buy things before I could even read what they were, for ever-increasing prices, because otherwise it would sell out instantly. Today P10A-E, which is a great pair of pants, has almost a full size run available a month after release. Prices are higher, but that's better than prices higher and can't kop. I was worried about innovation but i'm not anymore. M fabric is great. New J16 is great. P38-GTB is exactly the amount of overkill I like to see (but not buy lol). J99 and J93 are both sick. It's a great time to be an acronym fan.
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    P17, P31 basic or P33 far more solid choice for a reboot
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    Been enjoying the p39m for everyday wear, m fabric translates well to these pieces, shorts feel lighter than they appear, I like the cut and colour of the 97 but could have used 2” off the arm length. M top xs bottom I’m 5’7”
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    First holidays featuring the Alps in the back Resolute 711 and Puma Edit: really my best summer jeans. And another view of the jeans
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    … and the other belt for Adam Goldberg - the spring/summer to the autumn/winter of the first. Wickett & Craig harness in russet with CF Stead pull up leather overlays in olive green set off with vintage brass spots and vintage glass (smoky topaz) jewels and a vintage Japanese coin.
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    Duke belt
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    This (first of a pair) for Adam Goldberg (he’s the guy who played the support character to Mr Wrench in Fargo) - a Wickett & Craig bridle leather around 9oz c/w aniline dyed cobra overlays, vintage German glass and vintage Japanese coin. It’s a hybrid of the belt made for @Broark and Johnny B, merged with the more traditional peanut style novelty belts
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    5 months ago I stopped by a road side sale and this was nicely folded next to a few 1990's pairs...They sort of knew they were special, $100 price tag- they were asking $50 for the the 90's pairs. Doc-you said there was something about this pair you hadn't seen? 503-10 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-11 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-1 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-8 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-2 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-3 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-9 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-7 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-6 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-4 by bottleswest, on Flickr 503-5 by bottleswest, on Flickr
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    Looking at the most recent offerings by Warehouse, including their 1941 and 1942 models, l thought l'd post these beautiful Nos pre-war Levis pics from Palms vintage a little while back. Made for a very short period of time, they have a 1942 dated pocket flasher (concealed pocket rivets, rather than Concealed copper rivets on the 1937 flasher) so at the start of the government restrictions, but still have the "for over 70 years" and "copper riveted" on the guarantee ticket. (Also "copper" on the patch). They also have a black buckle, although you can't see it very well here. The most amazing thing of all though is they still retain the price sticker on the leather patch. If only... But the most important detail here (for me at least) is the yoke seam, as it has been switched back to the regular pre-1939* construction literally months before the U.S's war restrictions were imposed fully on LS&Co. *just my own theory

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