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Cultizm LVC Contest (photos only thread)


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I agree with medine, those look great! What's your washing technique, doc? (Sorry for adding to the barrage of questions.)

Thanks guys. I love them, they fade fast but nice. Interesting detail is that the arcs are getting more yellow each wash.

@rufio: I've got no special technique. Today I've washed them at 40 degrees 2gether with three other jeans, ecover detergent, slow spin cycling and six hours hang drying in hot sun and wind.

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5 months, 1944, haven't washed yet (except to shrink).




Here's a close-up of my coin pocket, with a corner tack repair. I have now personally experienced the woes of wartime rationing. Damn thing fell apart without the rivets!!! I did that hidden line of stitching just because I was tired of digging out my Zippo like a pig after a truffle.


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epifreak your '67s look great.

My 1967s are below. They have been washed once at 4 months, and they had a soak at 5 months... and I wear them a lot.

I've been really happy with these jeans so far. The rise might be pretty high, but I think they look great with a t-shirt. They've also come with me to Toronto, Chicago, London, and Singapore, and will be coming with me to San Fransisco next week.



A hole has just shown up, which I need to fix.


I love how the hidden half of the tab fades through the pocket.


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Denimy goodness, everyone.... here are my 37s after 6 1/2 months. After a couple days in the mud (pictures of that forthcoming), it was time for their first machine wash:





There's that vertical crease that seems common on the baggier cuts:


Into the wash:


Fresh and clean:



The wash tightened them up nicely, straightening out the waistband and making the tracks a bit more visible. They only shrunk about a quarter-inch more in length, which is about as little as I could have hoped for.

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