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Cultizm LVC Contest (photos only thread)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Crosspost from contest discussion thread...My '37's...

2 month update and these are still getting fairly regular use! If I don't wear them during the day (in rotation with Sugarcane 66's), I wear them when I get home or as my scrub pants...

Not the best pictures but I wanted to throw stuff up as I said before...Don't mind the picture overload...As you can see though, very subtle fading going on for now except in the knees.











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Two more

This next picture highlights the "sheen" that is apparent on certain angles for this 1937 denim


Rivets not poking through yet!


That's it for now...I'll try to get in action shots in the next few days...Also, it's interesting to compare how my looooooooose fit is fading compared to others...Lack of hige is getting me excited!

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Washed my 1967 505s last night - wanted to hold out longer but there were some interesting looking stains that weren't work friendly, lol...


EDIT: going to take more photos this weekend.....

Fit Picture post soak... even though these are sanforized they did shrink some, hoping they will stretch out some more.


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3 hot soaks on Dec 1, 09.

Never got into the fit (probably sizing error on my part), so these have been relegated to work pants that only come out when I'm doing something on the clean side / it's not raining. Bout 3-4 weeks of wear.

Not much going on except at the knees (a few miles of baseboard will do that), but as someone else mentioned, these have an interesting sheen to them. Light weight so awesome for work.



Riped off one of the belt loops when my keys caught on something. Any tips on how to repair it?

Edit: sorry, i fail at posting/uploading pictures.

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What do you, Reggie Died? I like em (might want to edit your image tags though). Looks like you would be able to put some serious wear on those.

***oops, forgot this was pics only

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1967 505xx, 3 month update (March 2010).

Daily wear, no washes yet. Started a new job last summer, and the best thing about it is that I don't have to wear a suit everyday. It's now a desk job, but at least I get to wear my jeans.



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