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Cultizm LVC Contest (photos only thread)


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In all honesty, I was never a huge fan of these jeans. The fit was never right, and so were relegated to work duty since the contest started. Loose jeans + lots of washes = uninteresting jeans, IMHO, but to each their own.

And I'm not knocking LVC at all. Conversley, my all time favorite pair of jeans are my 55's. I've had them going on 3 years and they are still my go-to pair.


P1000929 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

The fit is just-right (borderline perfect post-soak/wash, but tend to stretch out a *bit* too much), the denim is the perfect thickness and the dye is unbelievable. I wish I went with a second pair of 55's for the contest, but it's almost 2 years too late now...

These 55's are amazing Reggie. Props.

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I hope he uses Kodachrome for you. Kodachrome 25 brings out deep indigo like nothing else. I have a few old snaps to prove it!

After juggling material costs, I decided to simply upgrade my point-n-shoot status. I went with a g-lensed cybershot and the photos are quite decent. I promised myself I'd never buy another sony point-n-shoot, but the new ones are actually pretty dope for what they are. Nice battery life, no flash fail issues, much much nicer lens, non-byzantine manual mode....solid basic camera.

I'll get my photos in the other thread; seems to be where they go.

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