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Cultizm LVC Contest (photos only thread)


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Posting some pics today due to extensive free time. Hopefully will upload more detailed ones in july. I now know these jeans won't get the insane contrast fades found in other jeans, but im still wearing em' every day and soaking a bout once every two months. At the two year mark I think I'm going to be really happy with how these turn out.

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Six month update on my 1955s. I'm guessing around 100 days of wear and six washes.

First two are under the back porch, completely in shade, third was taken under the clouds. The little bit of sunlight getting to them makes the wear stand out more.




Roping is no where near as hard as it is on my MIJ denim, or even compared to a pair of LVC '44s I have. It is starting to wear though. My guess is the back strap on my harness boots is creating the wear.


progress has been slow but sure, and I'm happy with 'em.

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8 month update: after a summer vacation due to hot weather (mostly wearing shorts) I decided to give them a first wash. Here is the result:



pics were taken in direct sunlight, colors somewhat darker as depicted, but contrasts nicely documented

colors better here:



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Nice '37s up there!

Sneaking in for an eight-month update of my '44s. Pics are in full indoor sunlight, so they look a bit pale with my pos camera. These were just given their second handwash. A bit premature, but only so many sweatsoaks could be soaked out before they got rancid. Also wanted to shrink the stretch in the knees for a repair.


combs are finally starting to break nicely






A surgical stitch was the easiest repair for the zippo blowout, so I figured I'd just let it be a little rough. I like the fadings around the lower stitches!


Hemmed square patch for the knee. This will be a high-traffic repair, so I backstitched it fully around the patch and the blowout. Then did a light serge-type stitch around the edge of the damage.


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