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Cultizm LVC Contest (photos only thread)


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#53, 1955 501s. Couple days early on my two month update. Late comer to the contest, starting in early Febuary. Gave the jeans two trips through the washing machine at the beginning to get most of the shrinkage out of the way, and cut down on the bleeding/blue hands. Didn't start wearing daily until March when the Full Count contest was over. Have had around 30 days of wear so far. Not a helluva lot going on yet, some roping, wallet wear, and a little wear at the pocket rivets. I expect after the next wash, planned for sometime in May, that the wear will really start to come out.




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How do you all do it? I've owned many LVC's over the years and don't get the lines that you all get. I'll wear them without wash just like you all...what's the trick??

1) Wear them hard (bit take care of them too);

2) Don't baby them;

3) Wash 'em frequently, at least soak 'em often or let 'em get wet and dry.

I don't believe in 6 months rules or other bullshit. Water is a main factor of the denim progress. Here's my contest pair for example:



(*worn exactly 41 times, washed at 30° degrees, Ecover, hang drying, no spin cycling)

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4 month update...

photos w/inside lighting...



Starting to see some roping coming along...


and outside lighting from a week or two ago...



I think the fades are coming along well thus far. The only thing I regret is during the first month or two I was keeping a button or a lighter in the coin pocket and then stopped so it looks a little un-even where that was wearing. Hopefully over time and with more wear that will even out - small thing to be picky about but otherwise stoked. Recent fit pick from a week or 2 ago HERE.

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4 months in..

you cant see much going on in the pictures but i got some nice "Vintage" fades going on. my pair is def going to look more vintage than high contrast, but that's how i think LVC's look good...



Compared the the Flat Head World Tour Jeans..


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