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Evisu is still loved!


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the 2008 it uses the no.4 denim, it's open-yarn denim and not ring spun.... hence, it's mid ranged run off the mill denim -dont buy it, Just a waste of money

Thanks man. Much appreciated.

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Came across this:


Need to know what denim Lot this is, and if anyone can give direction on where to find sizing charts. Also, gulls on these? Denim weight and source? How anyone can buy with this info is beyond me

2008 model from evisu website...


The Lot is 2008 #4 denim, which, according to last season, is open-ended. However, I'm not sure if the denim has been changed or not, since the brand is under new direction. Supposedly, according to an interview, the new jeans are made in Italy or the U.S, I'm not sure though. The denim is sourced from Japan. There are no gulls on that pair. There are some on the 2010 cut though. Here's a description from Barney's:


As far as the cut, I'm not sure, I assume it's probably straight leg. I can't seem to find a fit pic for that particular pair.

Also, those are international Evisu's, which aren't the same as their Japanese counterpart.

EDIT: Dawei got most of it.

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random question:

Is it true Evisu's were originally Levisu's but were sued by Levis and had to change the name?

I cant find any information to support this idea but I swear I've heard it here before

No, they were Evis and had to change to Evisu.

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Aren't Levi's known as 'Revisu' in Japan, with the 'L' sound being absent (as we know it in the West)?

The No2 2000s sold on eBay for £185/$285, fair to say I'm chuffed to bits with that :)

Snap. Must remember ebay for my unloved jawz sales. Just hate to put them in an orphanage like that, but...

I think you're right about the 'L' sound too.

From what I remember, the Evis'-u' is not just legally required but also a Japanese humorous and/or cultural twist on an American noun. Some gai-jin poster here who was fluent in Japanese explained the use of the '-u' sound added to certain words, and why it was a tongue-in-cheek thing with the Evisu name.

I think linguistically, the Japanese have as much trouble ending a word with a hard 'S' as the Italians do, so they add '-u' where the Italians might want to add another vowel. The japanese know this, so 'Evis-u' is a way of humorously saying the name LEvis turned Japanese...

Does my half-baked explanation make any sense?


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^To make it even easier, there is no hard S sound phonetically in Japanese, ("sa, shi, su, se, so" are the S sounds) and loan words are usually given the "u" sound in general (random example: "to-ra-n-ku" would equal "trunk") at the end if it's hard...Ok, sucky explanation but I'm no linguist ;)

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A pair of Evis in a 35" just went for £42 on eBay...they look deadstock , even though the seller listed them as used - think he thought that they'd been used just because the gulls had cracked slightly.


And the above linguistic explanations are all pretty sound :)

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