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5 brands you like but don't own anything from


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E: Now have Dries and Schneider, not too impressed by current mainline Damir, though I'm still interested pre'11 items


Umit Benan

Margaret Howell

Paul Harnden

Peir Wu

Ute Ploier


Have some Ploier in the mail, will almost certainly be buying some Harnden, waiting on seller to get back to me


Robert Geller

Margaret Howell

Peir Wu

OG Helmut Lang

Either Elena Dawson or the Soloist

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White Mountaineering

Hender Scheme

Herno Laminar

Stone Island

Undercover (The sufu hive mind is omnipresent. Do not resist. Wear clothing for rebels.)

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Nebulae, when i was in japan two yers running managed to find none at stores in tokyo and nothing special thrifting

and never on ebay

show me some and i will buy :D

all over yahoo jp auctions 4 cheap

some rlly good pieces too

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