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    electro music

    Ellen Allien is quality, she's releasing a couple split eps with Matthew Dear next. Ricardo, Luciano, Hawtin, etc are great artists.. but are most defintely NOT electro.. On a side note.. anyone going to be in Berlin around the time of the love parade?
  2. raijin

    Music stores in SF

    Thanks for the reccomendations everyone. I'll defintely stop by some of these places.
  3. raijin

    Music stores in SF

    Anyone know music stores in San Francisco for downtempo, IDM, post-jazz type of stuff? Edited by raijin on Feb 16, 2006 at 09:18 PM
  4. raijin

    Recent Purchases. . .

    Object-Dyed black leather gloves with feather lining Scarlet cotton/viscose pants with exposed zipper Assymetrical waist black wool pants All Carol Christian Poell
  5. Anyone want a pair of these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7720467709 As far as I know, they've only retailed at 2 places in the world, 10 corso como comme des garcons in Tokyo and Dover St. Market. I might lower the price if you email me at [email protected]
  6. raijin

    Carol Christian Poell, Carpe Diem...

    I own a fair bit from Altieri and Poell. As Leviathan said, Poell's is a more tailored line while C Diem is supposed to be ultra-casual. If you are going for a suit or long-coat, Poell is without a doubt the guy. I tend to find his things easier to wear. They are masterfully cut clothes in beautiful fabrics with a few interesting design twists. C Diem is a whole look unto itself, not much goes with it other than more C Diem and its not really fit for formal occasions or anything requiring collared shirt, formal trousers and tie. C Diem is actually based on work-wear, and in my opinion develops every season to get better (altieri is an artist..so his original experiments have evolved into the items we see every season in this brand today) You can think about looking into Linea and Fattoamano, two experimental lines of Maurizio Altieri. Linea has been discontinued and is selling at maxfield, very little at A, Chegini, and Lift Etage. It runs $800-$1400 for non-leather pants, $500 for shirts, $2400+ for leather pants and shirts, and $3-5k for leather jackets. All the items are made in extreme small quantities with experimental fabrics.. they can almost be seen as one offs. The look is completely different.. being ultra-slim (more so than dior homme) with black,white,and grey as the main colors. Fattoamano is like the reborn line of Linea.. so far no us stockists for it. However, I think if your only seeing the stock at A of these brands.. your opinion would be pretty biased because the buyers there buy very little of these two designers (everything must be slim and black.. no leather) compared to places like Lift Etage in Tokyo and Leclaireur. Its quite hard to mix the two, with the exception of the boots.
  7. raijin

    Vaio or Powerbook?

    Im not sure any of you guys have seen the beasts that are japanese vaio's. They have a 1.7 pound carbon fiber here
  8. raijin

    everything is unoriginal

    It is possible for clothing to be incredibly original,although not 100%. Look at CCP or the early creations of comme.
  9. raijin

    map :: hong kong :: causeway bay

    AD:hoc has closed down. There is a special store for denim lovers called DOUBLE XX, I will see if I have the address. There is also 'nevertheless' (selling undercover,sifury,visvim) and a few others.
  10. raijin

    wtf? bape?

    I'll seond that, streetwear is dead to me too.
  11. raijin

    helmut lang jeans

    Helmut's are very good for the price and great understated look. The cut is great as well.
  12. raijin

    Supreme Sucks

    I have to agree, the designs were never anything special.
  13. raijin

    Well Designed Tshirts online

    Linea and Anatomica Project have the most amazing ts period.
  14. raijin

    new in tokyo

    2 words: Lift Etage