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Samurai Jeans


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moar pix moar pix moar pix


8 months,

so so so many washes,

wore through the denimz at about 5-6 months,

put some spare 710 denim that I got from gordon on the inside,

sewed that shit up real quick,

holding ever since.

Theyre so goddamn filthy right now, need a wash...



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I like the work done there, it's a good look

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I'd like to know more about the 710s also..

It's been a long day. My pair of Samurai got caught in customs, and the woman behind the counter managed to find BiG's site after I had tried to convince her that the vastly undermarked value on the package was correct. I had to come clean after she confused my 710s with a $500 pair of Oni's - I didn't want to pay those taxes! Fortunately she didn't fine me, but overall I had to cough up around $90 in tariffs and taxes. Welcome to Europe, friends!

Anyway, my 710's are LOT 10 and measure tag size raw - in my case 33. I'm glad I sized up one. I only closed the top button in the pictures, because I'm saving my hands for the real fight after I soak these.



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EDIT: I hate accidently posting after poly's evo pics. It's like asking to get owned haha. I <3 your BK's

Wrangler Jins 5 months, second wash and sun dryed. They look a bit darker in the post wash pics because they're probably still sorta wet (patch is still dark so I'm guessing it is)













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Here's a couple of post-soak pictures. I only soaked them in the tub for an hour, so I could possibly get a quarter of an inch from the thighs by throwing them in the washing machine, but I'm pretty happy with them right now. I'm 6'5" so I don't want to sacrifice any more of my inseam! I wouldn't mind some feedback though. My right hand is utterly wrecked from doing up the buttons. I'll need to wait a few days before I can let them fall on my hips. I feel like Tinman form the Wizard of Oz.



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