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Samurai Jeans


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Looks like a great start. I'm super jealous of the hidden arcs.

Personally can't stand hidden arcs... shit fades too fast and become too noticeable after a year or so... removed my arcs on my original 710BK's.

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Anybody have a pair of S8000JX-F? I've been looking around and haven't seen any fit or wear examples.

The s8000jx-n should be pretty much the same, except a few details. It has an higher back rise and a bit more room in the thighs compared to my s5000vx.

I would say its more an vintage cut.



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I felt that my Blue Shadows had a bit more shrinkage in them, so I gave them a hot second soak. I only wore them 10 since the first presoak.

Don't be afraid to presoak your jeans twice guys, they hardly lose indigo and Samurais have a lot of it.

I really like the fit now, really shrunk a lot below the knee.


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approx 6mos effective wear :: around soak x5 + washed cold x1 :: more like Leepro-styled [since they're not even LHT], than actual Leepro, but it's the thought that counts_ i guess. had started them about a yr ago, had to take the backseat for my other stuff_ concurrently, back on the saddle, as with the 105. .







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