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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Sizing down will work well if your legs are thin. make sure the post stretch thigh will fit!!!

that's what i've learned over time

the thigh measurement is what counts most, and hope that waist shrinks or fits just right

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i'm 6'5" and 225 lbs.

These are a size 38 I almost got the 36, but the guy at SENY and I thought these worked better for how i was going to wear them...My PBJ 007, Skull 5010, and Eternal 811 Contest jeans are all size 34. Those are all a tight fit, I wanted a slouchy fit, and these fit the bill. the waist measures 37 after shrinkage, and the thighs are around 12.7 in. I don't think these will stretch much since they aren't very tight to begin with, we'll see, I may have to do another hot soak / dry down the road to take the waist down...it is pretty big...

congrats on your first IH item...the 666Sod were my first IT as well and i also own a size 38 in them (all other denim, Samurai, Wearhouse, LVC = 34" waist!)

since the od-process takes out all the shrinkage i just wanted to give you a heads-up to what your indigo ones can shrink if you`re going to wash them:

waist: 35.00

fr/rise: 10.90

b/rise: 14.50

thigh: 12.50

knee: 9.00

hem: 8.30

inseam: 36.00

these where the measurements new out of box...now 3 months in and they stretched to a 37"waist, so these are pretty stretchy i.g.

wanted to get myself the indigo version as well, but i wanted to size down on it...gonna try some in the next view weeks and then i`ll give another feedback to you guys...

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