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shit you hate


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- causeway bay, central, fuck it any "shopping" district in HK during a holiday

- people with college degrees who talk with the depth and breadth of a 12 year old, people who claim to be into cinema yet haven't heard of dennis hopper, like warhol but have never heard of basquiat, like Kubrick but have never heard of A Clockwork Orange, wear margiela but never heard of ann demeulemeester,

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to be honest I cant stand people who talk about kubrick and a clock work orange like it was the greatest moment in film history... I think kubrick is overrated... but I have been exposed to a couple of kubrick festivals in the last year..

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- snow

- that nasty brown slush shit in the street that used to be snow

popped collars

- douchebags who have multiple popped collars


- the women that date them


shoes that make your feet look bigger

living in a fashion wasteland

- having to buy everything online

- getting something and it not being the right size etc






when you have a million songs on you mp3 player of choice and cant pick one to listen to

when my iphone inserts "of" instead of "it"

the radio

- everything on the radio


lil wayne

when you need a new toothbrush

video games that feel too short


children that cry alot


any socks that aren't ankle socks

when my dog runs in from outside, covered in snow, and thinks its a good idea to jump all over me

the iphones ringer which isn't loud enough

my computer

"happy holidays" instead of "christmas"

people that get mercedes n shit for christmas/birthdays etc

- people that don't pay for any of their shit

excessively loud friends

people that can't take a joke

people who think that because they haven't heard of some music you listen to that it can't be good

- ignorance

people that don't keep plans

starbucks whores

that friend that you have that you KNOW drinks too much

most fat people (i'd say 90% of 'em)

- i think they're gross

old people (all of them

- i think they're gross

homeless people

- i think they're gross

fox news

people that are undecisive

people that don't have favorites

people that don't know what the fuck they're talking about

doors that make odd noises

overpriced food


shit that other people have that i can't afford atm (yes, I'm a hater to some extent, at least i can admit it)

i could go on but i think i've said enough for now

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