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  1. RedFoxxworth

    Round Sunglasses

    Wanted the Linda Farrow X House of Holland so bad... Too expensive for me to impulse buy though. I got the Topman owl shaped glasses instead in NYC whick look better on your face than in pictures... but ultimately I'm really trying to get that Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit look going this summer... So lets see some round frames because I want MOAR. Linda Farrow House of Holland: Topman Owl Shaped Glasses: Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit:
  2. RedFoxxworth


    I'm feeling these Paloma Picasso vintage frames hard right now PM me if you want to know where to buy them because I won't post it in the thread due to RAAAGE.
  3. RedFoxxworth

    Tibetan Skull Prayer Beads in Gold Necklace?

    There's certainly not a market in Tibet for a gold mala they aren't the wealthiest people in the world hate to tell you. A jewelry designer appropriated this design and cast on of them in gold and dammit I want it.
  4. Somebody made one of these... it's this Tibetan yak bone skull mala: But they made it out of GOLD. Does anyone knows who did this? I cannot find it and I'm pretty good at using my Google. Thanks.
  5. I'm late on shopping for a spring jacket but... There was a YMC one I really liked. And can't find good online retailers for this brand. Any clues?
  6. RedFoxxworth

    Spring Courts @ Karmaloop now

    If I was a rep spamming I obviously would have put my own code instead of telling u that there are a million discount codes out there. Cheap Spring Courts online in the US was nonexistent till now so GTFO troll.
  7. RedFoxxworth

    White hi-top leather sneakers only!

    Hi. I've been gone for a while. I don't know whats cool anymore. I like these shoes u post but you don't write who they are by. So please tell me. I lol'd at the dirty ones. All my shoes end up looking like that.
  8. RedFoxxworth

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    You all look like lesbians.
  9. RedFoxxworth

    Spring Courts @ Karmaloop now

    Sorry here: http://www.karmaloop.com/vendor.asp?VendorCode=SPR&bysex=1 I also highly recommend women's swimwear: http://www.karmaloop.com/category.asp?CatID=2&SubID=9
  10. RedFoxxworth

    Spring Courts @ Karmaloop now

    Karmaloop has Spring Courts. There are 8 billion discount codes on the internets. Just wanted to let u know.
  11. RedFoxxworth

    Hearthrob in Chicago (I'm DJing)

    OK so me and my crew from Boston are playing in Chicago on Thursday... Would love to see some of u there amirite? http://chicago.going.com/invite-23505;FLY_BY_NIGHT_10_wHearthrob_DJs_Boston_more It's free... We VJ too... alsooo... I don't remember. Check out what we do: www.myspace.com/heartsomilky www.virb.com/electro/videos
  12. RedFoxxworth

    Let's talk about Black Hi Tops .......

    Can't find them. I need it. Bad.
  13. RedFoxxworth

    Let's talk about Black Hi Tops .......

    DO WANT. When do they drop, etc... Price? I liek them alot. Where? How?
  14. RedFoxxworth

    Does a Dope Bike Helmet Exist?

    Why yes, where?